Plans and Reports

Page updated on Jul 15, 2021 at 10:43 AM

Departmental Plans and Documents

21st Century Policing Plan -This plan was initially adopted in 2017 when the department addressed the 21st Century Policing Task Force recommendations as a path forward.  This plan is annually updated, and the posted plan is the latest version.

Racial Equity Plan - The department has been a part of the City’s Equity efforts shortly after the department adopted the 21st Century Policing Plan.  The posted plan is the most recent edition.

FAQs About Accountability and Use of Force 

Resident Surveys

ACPS and APD Memorandum of Understanding

CALEA Site-based Assessment Report (2016-2019) - The department has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) since 1986.  The most recent CALEA assessment is posted.

Human Rights Campaign Scorecard -The City of Alexandria received the maximum possible score of 100% on the ninth annual Municipal Equality Index from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation and Equality Federation Institute.  The department helped secure 22 out of 22 possible points in law enforcement.   

DATA Reports 

Annual Crime Statistics - The Part I and Part II crime statistics reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Annual Traffic Citation and Warning Analysis - In 2017, the department accepted an independent analysis of its traffic safety citations and warning data which was developed by George Mason University’s Center for Evidenced Based Crime Policy.  The department adopted the model developed by the Center and annually reports this data for public inspection.

Annual Field Interview Report Review and Analysis - The department has been capturing data on field interviews and contacts for years.  However, the information captured was not sufficiently detailed to provide a good understanding of these activities.  In late 2018, the department began to modify its internal data collection methods in conjunction with a complete conversion of it WebRMS system.  After several system modifications the department was able to produce its first annual report covering 2019 data which is posted.  Annual updates will be provided for each calendar year that follows.

Community Policing Data Collection Act* - This act became effective July 2020 and the department reports the information required by the act.  The most current departmental submissions are posted.

Office of External Affairs & Professional Responsibility Reports

Annual Statistical Summary of Internal Investigations - This report provides an overview of internal investigations conducted by the department.  This information is updated following each calendar year.  The most current report is posted.

2020 Annual Stats Complaints Against Police Employees

Annual Use of Force Analysis - The department created a format for reporting the use of force used by departmental personnel and updates this on an annual basis.  The most current report is posted.