Crime Mapping

The website was developed to help citizens visualize and understand crime in their communities. Since 2002, the Alexandria Police Department has provided searchable online crime data through the  online crime search  engine.

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The Web site was developed to help citizens visualize and understand crime in their communities. Since 2002, the Alexandria Police Department has provided searchable online crime data through the City's online crime search engine. Through a partnership with, citizens can now query and view Alexandria crime data using an online Geographic Information System (GIS).  Using, crime data is standardized so that citizens can view data across jurisdictional boundaries. It also allows citizens to view crime for an entire region, neighborhood or block.

The data represented on the Web site is extracted daily from the Alexandria Police Department’s Records Management System (RMS). The data is broken out into several general categories on the website. Explanations of each general crime category are listed below in the table. Crime data is dynamic and changes as report statuses and cases are reclassified. Changes and updates to case type and status may take from one to seven days before they are visible in the website. details two types of crimes: Part 1 and Part 2 offenses. The difference between Part 1 and Part 2 crimes is important to understand as you review the following information.

Part 1 Crime:                                       Part 2 Crime:

Homicide                                             Drunkenness
Rape                                                     Disorderly Conduct
Robbery                                                Liquor Law Violations
Aggravated Assault                            Drug Offenses
Burglary                                                Gambling
Larceny                                                 Prostitution
Stolen Auto                                          Driving Under the Influence
                                                               Destruction of Property/Vandalism

The Alexandria Police Department reports the crimes listed above to the Virginia State Police each month. This data is calculated, analyzed and reported in both Crime in Virginia and the FBI’s Crime in the United States publications.

Many of the Part 2 crimes are generated by police officers who witness the offense in progress or through investigation. Higher numbers of certain Part 2 offenses often show an increase in police presence in a certain neighborhood. Officers are directed to target alcohol offenses, gambling, drugs and persons who are driving under the influence. Detectives also conduct prostitution stings that often lead to arrests and an increase in reported prostitution offenses.


Please note that the crime categories used by are not the same categories used by the Alexandria Police Department. The list below shows every Alexandria Police Department crime type included in the grouping table. In addition, the Alexandria Police Department did not contribute data under the Proactive Policing section of crime reports. Please visit the Strategic Response System section of the Alexandria Police Department’s Web site for information on our policing strategies.

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 Grouping  Alexandria Police Department Crime Type 
Homicide Homicide, homicide for hire, negligent homicide
Breaking & Entering

Residential burglary, commercial burglary and burglary of storage shed and storage area

Robbery Street robbery, bank robbery, carjacking and robbery of commercial business
Theft Larceny from building (petit and grand), shoplifting (petit and grand), pickpocket, purse snatch, larceny of bicycle (petit and grand) and larceny from machine (petit and grand)
Theft of Vehicle Attempted and committed grand larceny auto (GLA) Vehicle types include all vehicles, motorcycles, scooters and trucks
Theft from Vehicle Grand and petit larceny from vehicle, grand and petit larceny of vehicles parts (license plates, tires, catalytic converters, etc) Thefts include forced and no forced entry into the targeted vehicles
Vehicle Recovery

Recovered grand larceny auto (GLA) stolen from Alexandria or from other jurisdictions

Sexual Assault Rape, attempted rape, marital rape, rape of child under 12 years
Other Sexual Offenses Peeping tom, indecent exposure, sexual battery, sodomy and indecent liberties
Assault w/Deadly Weapon Felonious assault, felonious assault on a police officer and weapon brandishing (firearm, knife, blunt object, vehicle, etc)
Assault Simple assault and assault & battery
Property Crime Includes recovered stolen property, destruction of property and graffiti
Arson Arson, attempted arson and threat to burn
Death Sudden death and suicide
Family Offenses Child abuse and child in need of services
Kidnapping Abduction
Other Forgery, fraud, fail to appear, identity theft, police information cases, protective order violation, stalking, trespassing, annoying phone calls, credit card offenses
Missing Person Missing person reports (adult and juvenile)
Weapons Offenses Concealed weapons, illegal discharge of a weapon and illegal possession of a weapon
Disorder Disorderly conduct, gambling, littering, noise violations, prostitution, urinating in public and panhandling
Drugs Drug possession, drug possession with the intent to distribute and distribution. Drug types include cocaine, marijuana, heroin, PCP and all other illegal narcotics (including illegally obtained prescription medication).
Liquor Drunkenness, liquor law violations, driving under the influence and illegal alcohol possession by a minor
Traffic Vehicle crashes, pedestrian involved crashes, motorcycle involved crashes and bicycle involved crashes

For questions regarding this application or the data it contains, please contact the Public Information Office at 703.746.6600.