Division Two

Information about Patrol Sector Two. Sector Two is divided into five primary patrol areas and three Community Oriented Policing areas with one residential police officer.

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Division Two

Division Two Commander

Captain Jamie Bridgeman



Division Two is made up of two patrol shifts and the Traffic Safety Section.  The division utilizes patrol officers, canine officers, community officers and residential police officers to ensure the safety of the community and to enhance the quality of life for all those that live, work and visit Alexandria.  The patrol shifts are assigned to day shift hours, while the Traffic Safety Section officers work day shift and evening hours.  The division provides service to the community 24/7 and 365 days a year. 

Contact numbers:

EMERGENCY: 911                                                                            

NON-EMERGENCIES: 703.746.4444                                             
703.746.6744: Watch Commander's Office                                  
703.746.6802: Daylight Patrol Supervisors                                   
703.746.6803: Evening Patrol Supervisors                                   
703.746.6801: Midnight Patrol Supervisors