Patrol Sector Three

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Patrol Sector Three

Patrol Sectors Map

Sector Three Commander

Captain Shannon Soriano 

Patrol Sector Three is divided into six primary patrol service areas, which serve a diverse mix of residential neighborhoods and business districts. The residential neighborhoods vary from single family homes to high-density, multi-story apartment buildings. The business districts are comprised of small family owned businesses as well as the large corporate variety.

The policing philosophy in Patrol Sector Three focuses on utilizing effective and innovative problem-solving strategies with the goal of preventing and reducing crime. We aggressively address public order and quality of life issues as we strive to enable our constituents to live and work in a safe and pleasant environment. Our officers are committed to maintaining and enhancing our strong partnerships with the many civic and business associations in the West-End of the City.

Sector Three has created a Community Improvement Team comprised of police officers, deputy sheriffs, probation and parole officers, juvenile probation officers, Transportation and Environmental Services staff and personnel from Human Services.  This multi-agency, multi-discipline team is designed to thoroughly examine issues in communities experiencing surges in public disorder, crime or quality of life issues and use innovative and service focused strategies to mitigate the problems.  Team members use Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) to address conditions that contribute to and facilitate criminal activity.  This has been a productive and innovative partnership between City agencies interested in maintaining and elevating the quality of life in our neighborhoods. For more information contact Captain Shahram Fard.

Contact numbers: 

EMERGENCY: 911                                                                                


NON-EMERGENCIES: 703.746.4444                                             

703.746.6744: Watch Commander’s Office                                  

703.746.6802: Daylight Patrol Supervisors                                   

703.746.6803: Evening Patrol Supervisors                                   

703.746.6801: Midnight Patrol Supervisors                                     

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