Traffic Safety Section

The Traffic Safety Section is comprised of five individual units: The Motor (Motorcycle) Unit, The Parking Enforcement Unit, The Hack Inspector’s Office, Special Events Unit and The School Crossing guard Unit.

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Don Hayes


Captain Don Hayes
Office: 703.746.6839

Executive Officer

Lieutenant Mike May          
Office: 703.746.6894          

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Parking Enforcement Unit

The Parking Enforcement Unit is primarily responsible for enforcing parking regulations including: Meters, Residential Parking Zones, City Decal Enforcement, Disabled Parking Restrictions, Tour Bus Parking Restrictions, 72 Hour Parking Restrictions and other parking regulations. Parking Enforcement Officers also detect vehicles with excessive unpaid parking fines. Vehicles with excessive unpaid parking fines may be immobilized with a "Boot" device or towed.

Parking Enforcement Officers, also known as PEOs, assist in police operations involving special events, major crashes and other traffic emergencies. They also serve as School Crossing Guards as needed. Parking enforcement is a shared responsibility with uniformed police officers and enforcement can be initiated by either PEOs or police officers.

     Parking Enforcement Unit: 703.746.6868


Motor Unit 

The Motor Unit’s primary responsibility is enforcement of Traffic Laws and rapid police response in emergency situations of all kinds. The Unit supervisor serves as a contact for citizens reporting traffic problems in their neighborhood. Traffic complaints are assigned to Officers in the Unit who assess the nature of the complaint on location and determine the best course of action to resolve the situation.  

Officers of the Motor Unit also manage major traffic emergencies such as the temporary closure of main roadways and the detouring of traffic due to water main breaks and major crash situations. Officers in the Unit are also commonly relied on to provide specialized patrols for special events, foot races and parades.

Each officer assigned to the Motor Unit receives extensive specialized training in motorcycle operations, Speed Detection using RADAR and LIDAR and traffic enforcement. Select officers also have attained instructor status in motorcycle operations and RADAR and LIDAR Operations.. 

The Supervisor of the Motor Unit serves as the primary contact for citizens requesting selective enforcement for traffic problems, especially speed enforcement. The supervisor also addresses requests for Mobile Speed Sign deployments. 

     Motor Unit: 703.746.6641

Hack Inspector 

The primary responsibility of the Hack Inspector’s Office is enforcement and regulation of Taxi Company’s, Taxi Drivers and Taxi Cabs operating in the City of Alexandria and at "Reagan" National Airport under City license.

The Hack Inspectors process taxi driver application, test and conduct background investigations of taxi driver applicants, maintains files and records on all applicants and drivers and issues credentials to taxi drivers. The City taxi industry supports over 1000 active drivers at any given time. The Inspectors also manage and investigate complaints reported by customers.

Hack Inspectors conduct vehicle inspections, verify the accuracy of meters installed in taxi cabs and complete the licensing process for taxi cabs operating in Alexandria and under City license at the "Reagan" National Airport.

     Special Events/Hack Inspector’s Office: 703.746.6240

School Crossing Guard Unit 

School Crossing Guards are selectively posted at points around Elementary Schools in the City to ensure the safety of children and pedestrians crossing streets as they report to and depart from school each day.

These uniformed "Guardian Angels" are a familiar presence to children and parents and many in the Unit have tenures of service to the community that literally spans generations.

The dedicated members of the Crossing Guard Unit are primarily responsible for the posting of perfect safety records year after year in Alexandria.

     School Crossing Guard Unit: 703.746.6868