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Traffic Safety Section

The mission of the Traffic Safety Section is to help ensure and promote the safe travel of all community members throughout the City.  The Traffic Safety Section (TSS) is comprised of officers whose primary focus is traffic enforcement, education, crash investigation, escorts, and responding to major traffic emergencies.  This section is also responsible for the implementation of the Traffic Safety Plan; which is the guiding document for the City of Alexandria's Vision Zero Action Plan.  

For more information please see our Traffic Safety Plan.  Other reports are available online, including:


Lieutenant Mike May
, Commander of the Traffic Safety Section                

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Child Safety Seat Inspections

Alexandria Police Department offers free child safety seat inspections by our nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians.  Due to the limited number of certified officers, appointments are required.  

To Request an Appointment 
Please leave a message at 703.746.1995 and one of our certified officers will respond to you with available dates & times.  

Before Your Appointment
Citizens should install the seat in the vehicle prior to their appointment. A correctly installed seat is snug and moves no more than one inch from side to side at the seat belt path. 

Parking Enforcement Section 

The Traffic Safety Section also houses the Parking Enforcement Unit.  This unit is responsible for enforcing the City's parking regulations.   The City's Treasury Division is responsible for processing the payment of any citation, and the Office of Parking Adjudication conducts administrative reviews to determine whether a parking citation was validly issued under the applicable rules and ordinances, not the police department.  

For information on where to park, permits, restrictions, meters, garages, and citations please visit the City's  Parking Information Page.


Sergeant William Mayfield Jr., Supervisor

Parking Enforcement Links


Interested in more information regarding traffic safety? The following local and national organizations can provide more information:

Alexandria Families for Safer Streets (AFSS)
Alexandria Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)  
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)  
American Automobile Association (AAA)
Bike Law USA (Network of Bike Accident Lawyers)
Coalition Against Bigger Trucks  (CAPT) 
Coalition for Smarter Growth
Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA)  
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
National Motor Freight Traffic Association Inc
National Organization for Victim Assistance(NOVA) 
National Organization of Youth Safety 
Northern Virginia Regional Commission
Share the Road Virginia
Stop Drowsy Drivers
Students Against Destructive Decisions
Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management Incorporated
Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP)
Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA)