School Resource Unit

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School Resource Unit ImageThe Alexandria Police Department is committed to the safety and well being of all city school children. In 1997 the School Resource Unit (SRU) was created and supported by a strong partnership in conjunction with the Alexandria City Public School (ACPS), City Manger's Office, City Council and the Alexandria Police Department.

The SRU was created in 1997 with one School Resource Officer (SRO), who was assigned to G.W. Middle School. Due to the success of the program, the unit has steadily grown in size to the current staffing level of 1 SRO Sergeant and 6 School Resource Officers (SRO's).

All officers selected to the SRU attend a 40-hour School Resource Officer School. This training is provided by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services- Center for School Safety. The SROs also receive additional specialized training from the ACPS and other training sources on a wide range of subjects: dealing with kids who have emotional & educational issues, school policy, laws of search, seizure & arrest on school grounds, how to prevent and deal with an active school shooting incident and many other related topics.

The Alexandria SRU is a member of the Virginia Association of School Resource Officers (VASRO) and the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO). Both of theses organization provides an outlet of networking with other SRO's, training and out reach services that our SRO's can use to assist them in providing superior service to the schools they serve.

Our unit is always available to speak with any group or organization that may want to learn more about what duties the SRO's perform and how they form a partnership with their assigned schools.

The SRO's take ownership of their schools and with the support of their principal; they become a valuable member of the school's administration team.

If you have any further questions about the unit please feel free to contact the supervisor of the SRU.

School Resource Unit
Main Office: 703.746.6893