Criminal Investigation Division

Information on the Criminal Investigation Division. Contact information is below.

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Criminal Investigations Division  

The mission of the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is to investigate and resolve complex criminal incidents through professional partnerships, technology and well trained staff. The use of internal and external referrals will be used to ensure an expanded services approach to all that come into contact with the criminal justice system.

The vision is to close all criminal investigations by identifying those responsible. Ensure referrals are provided where necessary and as needed to help bring a sense of calm and order to those impacted by incidents of crime and disorder.

The Criminal Investigation Section’s primary responsibility is to conduct the follow-up investigations of crimes that occur within the City. Examples of these investigations are homicides, death cases, rapes and other felony sex offenses, commercial robberies, offenses wherein juveniles are victims or suspects, financial crimes, computer crimes, domestic violence, stalking, child welfare (ex: CHINS, child abuse, cases involving Child Protective Services),  missing persons, and other serious investigations requiring intensive specialized or confidential investigation.

For more information on the Criminal Investigations Division and its annual goals, please see our Strategic Plan.  

Captain Monica Lisle, Criminal Investigations Division Commander  

Crimes Against Persons Section 

Crimes Against Persons Section is comprised of three units: Violent Crimes, Special Victims, and Domestic Violence. The Violent Crimes Unit investigates crimes of violence and/or crimes against persons, and gang-related offenses. The Special Victim Unit (SVU) investigates Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC), all sex related crimes, and other youth related offenses or incidents as deemed appropriate. SVU also assists Child Protective Services (CPS), Adult Protective Services and other Department Units in youth related matters; and serves on various committees regarding youth welfare. This unit also administers the Department's juvenile law enforcement programs; investigates community and family conditions affecting the health, morals and safety of children; and tracking runaways. The Domestic Violence Unit investigates and follows up on domestic violence related crimes and events.

Lieutenant Jerry Newcomb, Commander
Crimes Against Persons Section

 Andrea Morgan portrait
Sergeant Andrea Morgan, Special Victims Unit

Sergeant Joe Green, Domestic Violence Unit

Sergeant Brendan Jackson, Violent Crimes 

Financial Crimes and Intelligence Section

The Financial Crimes and Intelligence Section is responsible for financial crimes including: welfare fraud, larcenies, attempted larcenies by trick, device and bunco, including illegally issued checks and forged instruments. This section also houses the Property Crimes Unit, which investigates crimes against property and stolen motor vehicles; conducts inspections of records of pawnshops, secondhand dealers, and previous metals dealers to detect stolen goods.

 Liz Magyar Portrait 3-2021
Lieutenant Liz Magyar, Commander
Financial Crimes and Intelligence Section

Sergeant Michael Rossiter, Property Crimes

Technical Investigations Section

The Technical Investigations Section includes the following units: Crime Scene Investigations, Electronic Investigations, Criminal Apprehension, Latent Print Examiners, and Polygraph. These units work together to search, collect, examine, classify, and file evidence with the end goal being the apprehension of wanted suspects.  The Polygraph Unit is involved in criminal exams.

Lieutenant Tara May, Commander
Technical Investigations Section

Ryan Waple Officer
Sergeant Ryan Waple, Criminal Apprehension Unit

 Mark Blackwell Sgt Portrait 

Sergeant Mark Blackwell, Crime Scene Investigations

Vice & Narcotics Section

The Narcotics Unit is responsible for conducting investigations designed to target and deter middle and upper level drug and vice operations within the City. Several members have cross-jurisdictional authority to combat drug and vice operations at a federal level. Drug operations consist of covert surveillance, Intelligence gathering, use of informants and the preparation and execution of search warrants. Prescription fraud investigations are also conducted by this Unit.

If you wish to contact the Vice and Narcotics Section to provide information regarding narcotics or prostitution related activities, please call 703.746.6277 and ask to speak with a Section supervisor.