Criminal Investigation Section

Information on the Criminal Investigation Section. Contact information is below.

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The Criminal Investigations Section (CIS) is a functional entity of the Investigations Bureau of the Alexandria Police Department commanded by two Lieutenants.  The CIS commanders report directly to the captain of the Investigations Bureau.  The Investigations Commander, in turn, reports directly to the Deputy Chief of Police. 

The section is divided into two subsections, the Crimes Against Persons Section and the Property and Financial Crime Section.  Each is comprised of the following units:  Violent Crimes Unit, Property Crimes Unit, Domestic Violence and Special Victims' Unit, and the Financial Crimes Unit.  Each of these units is supervised by a sergeant.

Hours of Operation 

The section works from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Contact Persons

Captain Gregg Ladislaw 
CIS Commander
Office: 703.746.6253  

Lieutenant Steve Carr
CIS Commander, Crimes Against Persons
Office: 703.746.6836 

Lieutenant Jerry Newcomb  
CIS Commander, Property and Financial Crimes
Office: 703.746.6747

Sergeant Dave Cutting
Crimes Against Persons
Office: 703.746.6627

Sergeant Joe Green
Domestic Violence 
Office: 703.746.6859

Sergeant Daniel Gordon 
Computer and Financial Crimes  
Office: 703.746.6685

Sergeant Jeff Harrington 
Special Victims' Unit 
Office: 703.746.6856 

Sergeant Brendan Jackson 
Property Crimes
Office: 703.746.6808 

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

The Criminal Investigation Section’s primary responsibility is to conduct the follow- up investigations of crimes that occur within the City. Examples of these investigations are homicides, death cases, rapes and other felony sex offenses, commercial robberies, offenses wherein juveniles are victims or suspects, financial crimes, computer crimes, domestic violence, stalking, child welfare  (ex: CHINS, child abuse, cases involving Child Protective Services),  missing persons, and other serious investigations requiring intensive specialized or confidential investigation.

Employees of the Criminal Investigations Section are on call 24/7 to respond on all violent and major crimes.