Vice and Narcotics Section

The Vice and Narcotics Section is commanded by a Lieutenant who reports to the Investigations Division Commander. The Section consists of a Narcotics Unit, Vice Unit, Intelligence Unit and several detectives assigned to various Federal Task Forces.

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The mission of the Vice and Narcotics Section is the suppression of vice, organized crime and narcotics related activities within the City. This is accomplished by:

  1. Creating a negative financial impact on individuals or businesses which engage in illegal vice and narcotic activities.
  2. Gathering and developing intelligence information so that operational strategies can be created to address these illegal activities.
  3. Conducting investigations, making arrests and preparing cases for the successful prosecution of those arrested.
  4. Ensuring all federal, state and City laws are uniformly enforced.

Narcotics Unit (Also includes the Vice and Intelligence units)

The Narcotics Unit is responsible for conducting investigations designed to target and deter middle and upper level drug and vice operations within the City. Several members have cross-jurisdictional authority to combat drug and vice operations at a federal level. Drug operations consist of covert surveillance, Intelligence gathering, use of informants and the preparation and execution of search warrants. Prescription fraud investigations are also conducted by this Unit.

Contact Number

If you wish to contact the Vice and Narcotics Section to provide information regarding narcotics or prostitution related activities, please call 703.746.6277 and ask to speak with a Section supervisor.

    What Parents Should Know

    It doesn’t matter how well behaved your child is or where you live, your child can be exposed to any number of illicit drugs which have manifested themselves within our society. How can parents assist their children in combating the temptations and peer pressure they face to become a part of this drug culture? Below are a few suggestions:

    • Become educated about the drug problem, learn about the terminology and the effects of illegal drugs.

    • Watch for changes in your child’s behavior. Have there been changes in your child’s sleep patterns? Has your child’s appetite changed significantly? Has their attitude changed for no apparent reason?

    • Is your child spending more money with nothing to show for it? Or are expensive items showing up in your child’s room without apparent expenditure?

    • Know who your child is hanging around. Are old friends no longer in the mix and in their place are friends you have never met? Are questions you ask being met with vague and evasive answers?

    • Hug your kids when they get home. In addition to letting them know you love them and care for them, this simple act gives you the opportunity to detect many problems. Smoke, alcohol, and chemicals all leave trace odors on clothing and in hair.

    • Are prescription drugs missing or disappearing?

    • Watch your child’s total behavioral patterns, some of these patterns can be explained by the natural growth process, however, taken in combination they could signal potential drug problems.

    REMEMBER!!! There are no safe drugs. All drugs, including tobacco, liquor, prescription drugs and even herbals have a potential for abuse.

    How Can I Help Combat Illegal Drugs

    Pay attention to what is occurring in and around your neighborhood.

    • Is there any unusually heavy foot traffic in and out of a house, apartment or parking lot. Drug traffic usually involves stays of short duration, typically a drug deal is conducted in a matter of seconds.

    • Do you notice unusual exchanges between people? Nervous exchanges of small items or money may be indicative of a drug transaction.

    • Are there numerous exchanges taking place through a car window or residence window?

    • Have you noticed regular, quick meetings taking place between the same people at the same location?

    What Do I Do If I Notice Suspicious Narcotics Related Activity?

    If you observe suspicious activity in your neighborhood, call the Vice and Narcotics Office at 703.746.6277 and ask to speak with a supervisor. Be prepared to supply the following information regarding the activity: Under no circumstances should you place yourself in danger to obtain this information.

    • Exact location of the activity.

    • Time of heaviest activity

    • Describe the individuals involved. Include the race, approximate age, sex, height, weight, how they are dressed, hair style and any names or visible marks.
      Type of drug being sold, if known.

    The more information you can supply safely, the easier it will be to address the problem.

    Asset Forfeiture and Seizure

    Virginia State and federal laws provide the Police Department with the authority to seize certain property that has been used in the commission of specific misdemeanor and felony crimes, including narcotics and prostitution related offenses. This property may then be forfeited by the owner after a court hearing is held.

    What Do I Do If My Property Has Been Seized?

    If your property has been seized, contact the Vice and Narcotics Office at 703.746.6277 and ask to speak with a supervisor. When you speak with the supervisor, please ensure you have the following information:

    • Name of the person arrested who was in control of your property.

    • Description of your property.

    • Proof of ownership for the property.

    The Police Department is willing to assist you in retrieving your property, if this is possible. Please understand that there is a civil process that must be adhered to when seizing property. If you have questions regarding this civil process, please contact the Asset Forfeiture Officer at the Commonwealths Attorney’s Office at 703.838.4100.

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    Prescription Fraud

    How DO I Know If I Witness A Prescription Fraud or Am The Victim Of A Prescription Fraud?

    A person commits a prescription fraud if they:

    • Forge a prescription or increase the prescribed quantity of a dangerous drug in a prescription.

    • Issue a prescription bearing a forged or fictitious signature.

    • Obtain, or attempt to obtain, a prescription drug by using a forged, fictitious or altered prescription.

    • Obtain, or attempt to obtain, a prescription drug by means of a fraudulent telephone call; or

    • Possess a dangerous prescription drug obtained by a forged, fictitious or altered prescription or by means of a fraudulent telephone call.

    If you want to report a prescription fraud, telephone the Vice and Narcotics Office at 703.746.6277and ask to speak with a supervisor. Be prepared to supply the following information:

    • Location the activity occurred.

    • Name of the business, if applicable.

    • Name of the person(s) involved in the activity, if known.

    • Description of individuals involved in the activity.

    • Type of activity and drug involved, if known.