Technology Services Division

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Technology, Data, & Analysis Division 

 The mission of the Technology Data and Analysis Division (TDAD) is to ensure the exceptional collection, storage, dissemination, and analysis of department data and information through the implementation and maintenance of quality information systems and technologies, coupled with sound policies and best practices.

The vision of TDAD is to continue to partner with operational and administrative units to improve operations by thoughtfully implementing innovative automated systems that meet or exceed department business needs.  We strive to make information accessible to all staff, while continuing to focus on the improvement of both the timeliness and accuracy of data.    TDAD will provide in-depth analyses of relevant information to assist with the strategic, tactical, and administrative objectives of department and City partners.  Working with these partners, we will explore the use of new data elements and/or shared data sets to further explore potential relationships and proactive solutions. 

For more information on the Support Services Division and its annual goals, please see our Strategic Plan.

Philip Antonucci 

Philip Antonucci, Commander

Information Services Section

The Information Services Section (ISS) is responsible for the collection and dissemination of police incident and crash reports.  ISS houses all open criminal warrants and protective orders – maintaining a 24/7 support section.  ISS monitors the Department’s VCIN and NCIC machines to ensure all warrants, runaways and stolen items “hits” are handled promptly and correctly.  The Telephone Reporting Unit (TRU) is managed through ISS and completes approximately 20% of all police reports that are written. 

For more information on the services provided by ISS, including warrants, background checks, insurance verification, lost/stolen passports, and crash reports please visit their page.

Tactical Computers Section

The Tactical Computer Section (TCS) responsibilities encompass assessing, implementing, and maintaining a comprehensive mix of software and hardware used by operations in the field.  TCS maintains the Department’s fleet of 345 Panasonic Toughbooks and associated hardware.  TCS staff maintains the web based mobile intranet and Field Based Reporting software.  This section evaluates emerging technology, continuously trains users, and troubleshoots user and system problems.  TCS, as requested, provides support to the Sheriff’s Department, Fire Department, and NOVA Police mobile computer fleets. 

System Operations Sections

The System Operations Section includes the Technical Support Unit (TS).  Together they are responsible for all technical support, maintenance, administration, and enhancement of core IT hardware/software used within the Department.  APD relies on unique, public safety specific technologies to meet its mission.  Systems Operations staff are subject matter experts of these technologies and our users – lending to excellent, direct customer service.  Systems Operation staff also works closely with central IT on matters related to enterprise software (email etc.), maintaining good communication and relationships.    

Crime Analysis Section

The Crime Analysis Section (CAS) provides tactical, strategic, investigative/intelligence, and administrative analysis to all levels of the Police Department, from patrol to Command staff.  CAS looks for emerging trends, patterns and series (both local and regional), and then provides this information in the form of reports, maps, and bulletins.  In addition to providing analytical products to the Police Department, CAS is frequently tasked with providing crime data for officers to present to the community, City Departments, and political leaders.  For more information on the CAS, please visit their page.