Technology Services Division

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The Technology, Data and Analysis Division (TDAD) is comprised of a mix of sworn and civilian staff responsible for the department’s entire information technology infrastructure, data management systems and crime analysis.

TDAD's responsibilities include assessing, implementing, and maintaining technology products to include, the primary Records Management Systems (RMS), a resource of over 300 Tactical/Mobile Computers, and various strategic response and analysis systems.  This division also maintains, verifies and validates all police records, ensuring data is input and stored properly and readily retrievable by staff. Finally, TDAD is also responsible for the analysis of all police data for tactical, strategic and problem solving purposes.

Specific Functions:

Systems Operations:  Mission critical systems are maintained by a professional staff who ensure security and functionality on a 24 X 7 basis. In addition, staff works with other departments and jurisdictions in regional efforts to better interoperate, share data sources, and expand redundancy.  Staff has used internal resources to develop and maintain quality data retrieval and reporting programs, providing the needed flexibility to meet department goals and objectives.

Technical Support:  Technical Support staff provides helpdesk support throughout the department by maintaining the local area network, several data servers, various applications and over 300 personal computers.

Tactical Computers: The Tactical Computer System is a comprehensive mix of software and hardware that allows officers to use mobile computers for mobile data communications, form completion, word processing, wireless transmission of electronic police reports, a mobile intranet, and more. Staff maintains a web based mobile intranet, researches emerging technology, trains users on the computer systems, and completes all troubleshooting for user and system based problems.

Information Services: Staff enter, verify and validate all police records data (incident reports, arrests, etc) into the RMS. This section is also responsible for building security, processing criminal history checks, warrants, expungements and subpoena duces tecums.

Crime Analysis: The Crime Analysis Section performs strategic, tactical, and administrative analyses of crime and disseminates among the department, city, and community.


Philip Antonucci 

Philip Antonucci
Commander, Technology, Data and Analysis
Office: 703-746-6698