Field Operations Bureau

The Field Operations Bureau provides the most visible police services to the community. Officers assigned to the Field Operations Bureau are those with whom the public is most likely to come in contact. They respond to emergencies, alarms, reports of crimes, calls for service and provide traffic enforcement.

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The services provided by Field Operations Bureau (FOB) range from preliminary investigations of crimes to problem solving complex quality of life issues. Officers provide these services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are assigned to one of three Divisions. The divisions consist of Patrol Officers, Community Policing Officers, Residential Policing Officers, Canine Officers, Traffic Safety Officers and Motorcycle Officers. While on patrol, FOB Officers focus on outstanding public service with an emphasis on proactive responses to neighborhood crime and public order issues. The dedicated men and women of the Field Operations Bureau (FOB) are virtuous law enforcement professionals who stand prepared, ready and vigilant to protect and serve our community. They are committed to providing high-quality community-oriented policing services, while holding true to APD's mission and values. The FOB teams will expeditiously respond to all emergency and non-emergency calls for assistance from the community. We commit ourselves to improve quality of life in Alexandria through education and enforcement of criminal and traffic codes.

The Alexandria Police Department is dedicated to fair, compassionate and respectful treatment of all people who seek police services, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion or sexual orientation.

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