Investigations Bureau

The Investigations Bureau investigates major crimes and pursues other investigations that are beyond the scope of regular patrol officers.

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David Huchler photo
Deputy Chief David Huchler   703.746.6647


The Investigations Bureau is headed by a Deputy Chief. Each section has investigative and evidence collection responsibilities.  They include the Criminal Investigations Section, Vice and Narcotics Section and Crime Scene Investigation Section. 

The current Investigations Bureau Strategic Plan.

Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is commanded by Captain Gregg Ladislaw who oversees the lieutenants responsible for each section within the division. The CID commander reports directly to the bureau commander.

The  primary responsibility of the CID is to conduct follow-up investigations of crimes that occur within the City. Examples of these investigations are homicides, death cases, rapes and other felony sex offenses, commercial robberies, offenses wherein juveniles are victims or suspects, financial crimes, computer crimes, domestic violence, stalking, child welfare, missing persons, narcotic offenses and other serious investigations requiring intensive specialized or confidential investigation.

Crime Scene Investigation Section

The CSI Section is a major support section for the police department, particularly for the various investigative elements of the department as well as the Patrol Operations Bureau. The CSI section is dedicated to processing crime scenes to facilitate the recovery and preservation of physical evidence.  The section is comprised of one lieutenant, one sergeant, nine Crime Scene Investigators, four Latent Fingerprint Examiners (civilian) and one Police Records Clerk (civilian).

Contact Information

Lieutenant Scott Paterson

Office: 7043-746-6274


Sergeant Dan Plank

Office: 703-746-6251

Vice Narcotics Section

The mission of the Vice and Narcotics Section is the suppression of vice, organized crime and narcotics related activities within the City.