Investigations Bureau

The Investigations Bureau investigates major crimes and pursues other investigations that are beyond the scope of regular Patrol officers.  Allegations of police misconduct and complaints of excessive force are also investigated within this Bureau.

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Deputy Chief David Huchler

The Investigations Bureau is headed by a Deputy Chief and is comprised of 91 employees who are assigned to the four sections.  Each section has investigative and evidence collection responsibilities.  They include the Criminal Investigations Section, Vice and Narcotics Section, Crime Scene Investigation Section, Public Information Office and Internal Investigations Section. An additional 65 to 80 volunteers are assigned to this Bureau. Volunteer numbers fluctuate based on needs of the department and volunteer availability.

Criminal Investigation Section

The Criminal Investigations Section (CIS) is a functional entity of the Investigations Bureau of the Alexandria Police Department commanded by two Lieutenants.  The CIS commanders report directly to the captain of the Investigations Bureau.  The Investigations Commander, in turn, reports directly to the Deputy Chief of Police. 

Crime Scene Investigation Section

The CSI Section is a major support section for the police department, particularly for the various investigative elements of the department as well as the patrol division. The CSI section is a 24-hour 7-day a week operation dedicated to processing crime scenes to facilitate the recovery and preservation of physical evidence.  The section is comprised of one Section Commander (civilian), one Sergeant, nine Crime Scene Investigators, four Latent Fingerprint Examiners (civilian) and one Police Records Clerk (civilian).

Vice Narcotics Section

The mission of the Vice and Narcotics Section is the suppression of vice, organized crime and narcotics related activities within the City.

Public Information Office

The members of the Media Services Unit are dedicated and highly trained individuals who understand the importance of using the media as a valuable resource to keep the public informed of the Department's activities. The PIO is staffed by a civilian Commander, a civilian Public Information Officer and a volunteer that works on a part time basis.

Public Information Officers respond to the most serious crime and critical accident scenes and to all police scenes where the media is present.  In addition, the PIO is responsible for notifying the CMO about certain events and offenses that occur within the City. The PIO is staffed Monday through Friday from approximately 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.  PIO staff are on call and available 24 hours a day to answer requests from the media, Department staff and the CMO.

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The PIO can be contacted at 703.746.6600.

Internal Investigations Section

The Alexandria Police Department's policy is to require its employees to obey all laws and department rules and to treat all persons fairly and with respect. In order to maintain public trust and confidence, it is also the policy of this department to objectively and thoroughly investigate all allegations of wrongdoing and to consistently and fairly administer discipline when appropriate. Public faith and trust in the Police Department and its employees are essential to the accomplishment our mission.