Police Department Directives

Page updated on Aug 20, 2021 at 12:58 PM

The Alexandria Police Department is committed to maintaining public trust and confidence. That trust and confidence is supported by transparent policing and governmental policies. All Alexandria Police Department Directives are available for review by the public and are posted below. The directives serve as standards of conduct for all personnel. They consist of the rules, policies, and procedures which are necessary for the consistent and professional operation of the Alexandria Police Department.

Gaps between directive numbers indicate directives that have been rescinded. Some portions of directives are redacted, but only to the extent publication would jeopardize the effectiveness of operational or tactical plans, and only when permitted under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. The most recent changes within each directive are indicated in blue italics.

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Chapter 1: Organization and Management

Chapter 2: Ethics and Conduct

Chapter 3: Information and Communications

Chapter 4: Personnel

Chapter 5: Training

Chapter 6: Equipment, Facilities and Supplies

Chapter 7: Weapons

(There is no Chapter 8 or Chapter 9)

Chapter 10: General Procedures

Chapter 11: Incident Procedures

Chapter 12: Community Oriented Policing

Chapter 13: Emergency Incidents