Alexandria Police Urge Residents to Take Action Against Larcenies From Autos

Page archived as of November 25, 2015

The Alexandria Police Department has noted a significant increase in the larcenies from vehicles where the suspect cut the convertible top or vinyl roof/window to gain entry.  Since November 10, there have been 29 vehicles broken into in this manner throughout the City.  The majority of the activity has occurred in the West End, though a few destruction of property cases have occurred in Old Town

The top targeted vehicles are Jeep Wranglers, Chrysler Sebrings, and Mazda Miata MX5s.  In the majority of these cases, the vehicles are located in parking garages.  The most common items stolen have been GPS units, iPods, cash, and clothes.  In the majority of the cases, the suspect rummaged through the glovebox of the vehicle.

Alexandria Police advise motorists to be diligent in removing anything of value from their vehicle.  Motorists are urged to continue taking the following precautions to deter thieves from stealing valuables from their vehicles:

  • Do not leave any other valuables in your vehicle. (i.e., laptop computer, camera, satellite radio, cell phone, etc.)
  • Do not leave anything on display that could tempt a thief.  Remove all traces of portable GPS devices from the dashboard, including the cradle.  Do not simply put the unit in the glove box or under the seat.  Thieves will quickly find and steal them.
  • Keep a supply of moist towelettes to clean the area of the windshield marked by the GPS device’s suction cup.
  • Lock all doors and close windows when you leave your car, even if it is only for a short time.  This includes filling up at the gas station.
  • Look for a parking space in a well-lit, busy area.
  • Purchase a cradle that mounts on the dash vents.

For further information, please contact the Alexandria Police Department’s Media Services Unit at 703.838.4636.