Alexandria Police to Participate in Regional Street Smart Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Campaign

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MARCH 22, 2010 #10-007

Alexandria Police to Participate in Regional Street Smart Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Campaign

Beginning Tuesday, March 23, the Alexandria Police Department plans to conduct increased enforcement of pedestrian safety laws at locations Citywide. This enforcement coincides with the beginning of the 2010 Street Smart campaign, an annual public education, awareness and behavioral campaign about pedestrian and bicyclist safety in the Metropolitan Washington region. 

Officers from the Department's Motor Unit will focus on King Street Metro, Braddock Road Metro, Eisenhower Avenue Metro and Van Dorn Street Metro during the morning and evening rush hours.  Officers will also concentrate on locations of high traffic and numerous crashes, such as Mount Vernon Avenue in Arlandria, Duke Street, North Van Dorn Street, Eisenhower Avenue and Edsall Road.  Officers will be issuing citations to drivers along the Mount Vernon Trail corridor in Old Town to encourage safe bicycling.

The officers will be citing pedestrians for jaywalking and bicyclists for violations of the traffic code.  They will also be writing warning and citations to drivers for:
• Failure to obey a highway sign by blocking the crosswalk,
• Failure to yield right of way to pedestrians in crosswalks,
• Making improper turns into crosswalks,
• Failure to obey "No Turn on Red" while pedestrians are present,
• Speeding and
• Running red lights and stop signs.

The 2010 Street Smart safety campaign begins with a formal press conference and kick-off event on Tuesday, March 23, at 11:00 A.M. at the intersection of Sligo Avenue and Chicago Avenue in Silver Spring, Maryland.  The campaign will run from March 14 through April 14 and will include media campaigns targeted at drivers and pedestrians.  It also will features increased enforcement throughout the National Capital Region. The goal of Street Smart is to increase awareness of pedestrian and bicycle safety and reduce the number of injuries and deaths.