Alexandria Police Continue To See Laptop Larcenies Citywide

Page archived as of November 25, 2015

JUNE 7, 2010 #10-028

Alexandria Police Continue To See Laptop Larcenies Citywide

The Alexandria Police Department continues to investigate a number of larcenies of laptops Citywide.  To decrease the chances of having your laptop stolen, the police department wants to remind everyone to remove laptops and all other valuables from unattended vehicles and offices.

The police department recommends the use of any of the following security devices to protect your property.

  • Security Cable For Laptop Computers
    One of the most inexpensive and effective laptop security devices is a cable.  A Security cable for laptop computers is very much like a bicycle lock, it attaches to your laptop and allows you to lock it to a stationary object. The cable makes it much more difficult for someone to steal your laptop.
  • Laptop Tracing Programs
    These programs assist law enforcement in recovering laptops after they have been reported stolen.
  • Motion Sensors and Alarms 
    Loud alarms will cause people to take notice and deter would be thieves.  Range sensor alarms will trigger when the laptop moves out of range of use or when an object in which the laptop is attached is moved.  Thus, if someone tries to steal or remove the laptop, the alarm will sound, drawing attention to the theft.

Remember to remove all valuables from your vehicle, close all the windows and lock the doors when parked and unattended.  When leaving a workstation or office, secure all valuables and lock any doors, when possible.  Also, when leaving a residence for any period of time, lock all doors and windows. 

Incorporating any or all of these suggestions will help deter thefts and decrease your chances of becoming a victim.

For further information, contact the Media Services Unit at 703.838.4636.