Alexandria Police Remind Residents To Never Leave a Vehicle Unattended With The Engine Running

Page archived as of November 25, 2015

The Alexandria Police Department has seen an increase in vehicles stolen while left unattended with the engine running.  Since January 1, six vehicles left unlocked, unattended and with the engine running have been stolen.  Most of the vehicles were taken from apartment complex parking lots.  A few were stolen while parked on the street.  In all of the cases, the vehicles were left running by the driver, to warm up from the cold weather.  Two of the six vehicles have been recovered.

The vehicles were taken from the following areas:

  • 800 Block of Four Mile Road
  • 5700 Block of Edsall Road
  • 300 Block of S. Van Dorn Street
  • 1600 Block of N. Quaker Lane
  • 400 Block of N. Armistead Street
  • 4300 Block of Duke Street 

The Police Department does not recommend ever leaving a running vehicle unattended.

If residents leave a vehicle running to warm up, taking some precautions can help prevent this opportunistic crime from occurring and might decrease the risk of having your vehicle stolen. 

  • Take an extra set of keys with you and lock your vehicle while it is warming up.
  • Move the vehicle so that it is in plain view and you see it at all times.
  • Park in areas that are highly visible and well lit.
  • If available, set the vehicle’s alarm while leaving the engine running.
  • Remember to remove all valuable items from the vehicle and lock all doors and windows, even when parked in your own driveway.

Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activity or suspicious persons by calling the Police Department at 703.838.4444.