Alexandria Business Alcohol Compliance Check Results

Page archived as of November 30, 2015

On Friday, August 3, Alexandria police conducted alcohol compliance checks at several businesses throughout the City.  This awareness and enforcement campaign focused on various retail business locations that sell alcoholic beverages.  Prior to the enforcement efforts, uniformed officers visited businesses throughout the City and provided education and awareness information for the businesses and their employees.

Officers used confidential informants under the age of 21 but above the age of 18 to purchase alcoholic beverages from various locations.  The informants were instructed to enter the businesses and attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages.  If asked for identification, the informant showed the clerk their legal identification, which revealed they were under 21 years of age.  If the sale of alcoholic beverages transpired, officers entered the business and placed appropriate charges on the seller.

Thirty-three businesses were checked and seven arrests were made for the illegal sale of alcoholic beverages to a person under the age of 21. 

The following businesses at listed locations illegally sold alcoholic beverages:

7-11 Store - 3412 Mount Vernon Avenue
7-11 Store - 2108 Mount Vernon Avenue
7-11 Store -  2 S. Jordan Street
Mercado Americano Latino Market - 4105 Duke Street
Rite Aid - 4515 Duke St
Harris Teeter - 4641 Duke Street
Main Street Market - 4901 Brenman Park Drive

For more information, please call the Public Information Office at 703.746.6600.