Alexandria Police Recruits Graduate from Regional Academy

Page archived as of January 13, 2017

Alexandria Police Recruits Graduate from Regional Academy

The Alexandria Police Department welcomes 26 recruit officers who graduated from the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy Basic Law Enforcement School on Thursday, December 21, 2016. The recruits spent approximately 20 weeks in training at the regional academy, covering topics such as community policing, emergency vehicle operation, firearms training, defensive tactics, crash investigation and basic legal training.

Numerous Alexandria Police Department recruits received performance based awards or broke academy physical fitness records during the 135th session:

Matthew Beinhauer, 3rd place Emergency Vehicle Operations Center 
Benjamin Berlin, Session 135 Class President
Chris Dannenfelser, vertical jump record
Alexis Gomez
Andrew Harrell
Travis Jones, 1st place Emergency Vehicle Operations Center
Ryan Klein
Westrick McILvanie, 1st place Firearms
Anthony Mitchell
John Moorman
Michael Oliver, III-2nd place Fitness
Oscar Olland-Thomas Shaw Award, Session 135 Class Vice-President
Sarah Parker
Peter Prunty
Kirill Schipanov
John Stafford
Virgil Usana
Colton Vanderah
Jamie Lee Victor-300 meter run record, plank record
Rodney Villanueva
Jacob Wachter
Shakita Warren
Suzanne Watts, 3rd place Academics, Session 135 Class Vice-President
Joseph Winkler
Justin Zackaria

Alexandria Police recruits will attend several weeks of local training related to the department before hitting the streets of Alexandria with their Patrol Training Officers. Recruit officers will partner and train with experienced patrol officers for an additional 12 weeks before working independently as solo patrol officers.

135 Session Graduates