Potomac Yard Landbay Summary

Page updated on Dec 7, 2012 at 2:51 PM


Landbay A - Potomac Greens (Residential)

Approved on May 17, 2003 under DSUP#2002-0026, Potomac Greens in a residential development with 277 townhomes and neighborhood open spaces. Potomac Greens is fully constructed.


Landbay C - Potomac Plaza (Retail)

Approved on May 17, 2003 under DSUP#2002-0028, Potomac Plaza includes approximately 15,000 sq. ft. of retail and restaurant uses and 1.5 acres of landscaped open space. Potomac Plaza is fully constructed.


Landbay D - Rail Park

Approved on December 15, 2007 by CDD#2007-0001 then on June 14, 2008 by SUP#2008-0027, the Rail Park is approximately 4.2 acre park with 3.0 acres uses as a dog park and 1.2 acres of passive open space.


Landbay E - Four Mile Run (Bridge/Open Space)

The development of Landbay E includes the demolition of Bridge B, and restoration of the Four Mile Run Stream and open space consistent with the Four Mile Run Restoration Master Plan. The plan includes open spaces, parks, and a pedestrian bridge. Demolition of Bridge B is under way.


Landbay F - North Potomac Yard (Mixed Use)

The conceptual plan for Landbay F was approved on June 12, 2010 by CDD#2009-0001 for approximately 7,525,000 sq. ft. for residential, office, retail, hotel, and open spaces. It is expected that each block/building will be reviewed through the development special use permit review process.

  • Residential: 1,100 residential units
  • Office: Minimum of 1,930,000 sq. ft.
  • Retail: 930,000 sq. ft.
  • Hotel: 170,000 sq. ft.
  • Open Space: 10 acres


Landbay G - Town Center (Mixed Use)

Approved on January 24, 2009 under DSUP#2007-0022, the Town Center is to include residential, retail, office, and hotel uses.

  • Residential: Multifamily units
    • Potomac Yard Fire Station (DSUP#2006-0026) - 64 units; Approved on February 24, 2007; Built
    • Landbay G, Building C (DSUP#2011-0025) - 208 units; Under Final Site Plan Review
    • Landbay G, Building F (DSUP#2011-0026) - 112 units; Approved on March 17, 2012; Under Final Site Plan Review
  • Office: 697,085 sq. ft.
    • Landbay G, Block D (DSUP#2012-0008); Preliminary Review
  • Retail: 182,915 sq. ft.
    • Landbay G, Block H (DSUP#2012-0013); Preliminary Review
  • Hotel: 622,831 sq. ft. and 14,009 sq. ft. of hotel amenity space
  • Open Space: 2.85-acres


Landbay H - Swann Neighborhood (Mixed Use)

Approved on October 14, 2006 under DSUP#2004-0048 and amended on September 15, 2007 by DSUP#2007-0023, Landbay H is to include residential, retail, and office uses.

  • Residential: Stacked townhouses and multifamily units (249 units)
  • Office: 51,616 sq. ft.
  • Neighborhood Retail: 4,851 sq. ft.


Landbay I & J East - Custis & Howell Neighborhoods (Residential)

Approved on February 21, 2009 under DSUP#2006-0018, Landbay I & J East is to include 277 townhouses and stacked townhouses. Landbay I &J East is currently under construction.


Landbay I & J West - Custis & Howell Neighborhoods (Residential)

Approved on September 17, 2011 under DSUP#2008-0022, Landbay I & J West (and Landbay L partial) is to include 344 townhouses and urban lofts and 4-acres of open space. Landbays I &J West is under construction.

  • Landbay I West: 27 townhouses, 62 urban lofts
  • Landbay J West: 43 townhouses, 88 urban lofts
  • Landbay L Partial: 66 townhouses, 58 urban lofts


Landbay K - Potomac Yard Park

Approved on June 14, 2008 under DSUP#2006-0013 Landbay K is a 24-acre public park/open space that runs from Braddock Road to the Arlington County line at Landbay D. The park is to include pedestrian plazas, active and passive recreation spaces, multi-purpose fields, picnic areas, playgrounds and tennis, basketball and volleyball courts. Click here for more information about the park. Potomac Yard Park is under construction.


Landbay L - Multifamily (Residential)

Approved on January 21, 2012 under DSUP#2011-0001, Landbay L Multifamily is to include 276 residential units and 3,559 sq. ft. of retail. The tonwhouse portion of Landbay L was approved with Landbay I & J West (DSUP#2008-0022). The project is under Final Site Plan review.