North Potomac Yard Planning Process 2016-2017

The 2017 North Potomac Yard Small Area Plan was adopted by City Council on June 13, 2017. This page provides meeting and background information on the planning process.

Page archived as of November 1, 2019

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Plan Document Drafts

Revised Full Draft Plan (April 2017)

Previous Draft Plan Chapters (March 2017)


The  North Potomac Yard Small Area Plan, approved in 2010, provides a planning blueprint to guide public and private investment and development decisions in the northern portion of Potomac Yard (also called Landbay F). As written in 2010, “The Plan focuses on the creation of dynamic urban forms, a complementary mix of land uses, community amenities, and a range of housing opportunities. The Plan is a framework to create one of the most sustainable series of neighborhoods within the region, known for its outstanding Four Mile Run waterfront, parks, public transportation, innovative architecture, environmentally sustainable design and practices, and incorporation of Alexandria’s rich history and culture.” 

In 2015, the North Potomac Yard developer representative, JBG Companies, indicated a desire to begin the process for Phase I redevelopment of North Potomac Yard, which would necessitate amendments to the 2010 Plan. The proposal was in response to the feasibility and availability of land on the site as leases for existing tenants will begin to expire over the next decade, and will allow for more informed phasing projections than available in 2010

Previous Meetings and Information

Ad Hoc North Potomac Yard Advisory Group

On February 23, 2016 the City Council established an Ad Hoc North Potomac Yard Advisory Group through Resolution 2710The mission of this group is to provide guidance to staff on potential updates to the North Potomac Yard Small Area Plan. 

Solicitation for Applications for the Advisory Group was open from February 26, 2016 - March 14, 2016. As specified by the Resolution, the City Manager conducted the member selection process. All activities and meetings by the Advisory Group are open to the public.

Advisory Group Members:

  • Stephen Koenig, Chair (Planning Commission)
  • Jon Frederick (Alexandria Housing Affordability Advisory Committee)
  • Jennifer Atkins (Parks & Recreation Commission)
  • Ryan Jones (Transportation Commission)
  • Jeremy Fretts (Potomac Yard Design Advisory Committee)
  • Bill Hendrickson (Del Ray Citizens Association)
  • Michael Chapman (Lynhaven Civic Association)
  • Patricia Harris (At-Large, Resident of Potomac Yard)
  • Nancy Appleby (At-Large, Business Representative) 
  • Mike Caison (At-Large, Community Resident)
  • Garrett Erdle (At-Large, Community Resident)
  • Colleen Stover (At-Large, Community Resident)