Projects & Plans: Environment

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Early in 2007, under the Mayor and City Council's direction, the City of Alexandria partnered with Virginia Tech's Department of Urban Affairs and Planning located in Alexandria to develop a new and holistic strategic environmental planning process called Eco-City Alexandria. The ultimate goal was to create an Eco-City Charter and Environmental Action Plan to guide Alexandria toward environmental sustainability.

The Four Mile Run Restoration Project Is a joint venture to restore 2.3 miles of highly degraded stream within the hardened flood control channel. This page provides a brief history of the area and information on this planning process.


Green Buildings have been identified by the City as a major component of its commitment to sustainable development. The City’s initiatives through its strategic plan, commitment to Green Building of City facilities, and the adoption and phased implementation of the Eco-City Charter lay the foundations for the wider adoption of Green Building practice in the City of Alexandria.

In 2002 the City of Alexandria produced the City of Alexandria Open Space Plan Master Plan, establishing fifteen ambitious goals for protecting, enhancing and expanding open space. The plan established a framework to address Alexandria’s short and longer term open space needs by acknowledging and protecting the City’s existing open spaces and identifying additional open space opportunities for the future. City Council adopted the Open Space Master Plan in 2003.

There are approximately 20,000 street trees in Alexandria, as well as many thousands more in parks and on the grounds of public facilities (libraries, museums, administrative buildings, and schools).  Urban Forest management activities include tree pruning, removal of diseased or dead trees, and planting new or replacement trees.


Implementation of the Waterfront Small Area Plan is beginning with flood mitigation, as directed by Council and supported by the community as determined through the "Waterfront Phasing and Funding Plan" efforts.

Consistent with the City Council approved 2003 Windmill Hill Park plan, the City of Alexandria is replacing the existing bulkhead with a natural shoreline. Construction activities are planned to begin in October 2016 with substantial completion by October 2017.