Letters of Authorization

Page updated on Feb 11, 2020 at 6:57 PM

Requirements for Valid Letters of Authorization

In order for any party other than the owner of record to request specific property information, or to file a Request for Review or Appeal of Assessment, the owner of the property must first submit a Letter of Authorization.

  1. Letter must be printed on the letterhead of the property owner.
  2. The signature must belong to the property owner and the name of the person signing the letter must be printed below the signature.
  3. If the person signing the letter is not the name on our ownership records, the signer must identify their position and/or relationship to the owner of record and supply documentation identifying the person as an owner or as an officer of the corporation which holds title.
  4. The signature of an officer of a management firm is insufficient.
  5. If an owner has more than one property for which he is authorizing an agent to act on his behalf, all the properties to be represented must be identified by street address and map-block-lot number.
  6. The tax year for which the authorization is granted must be specifically stated.  The presence of the date on which the letter is written is not sufficient.  Authorization is not assumed by this office to exist in perpetuity.  (For example, “Authorization is granted to ABC Tax Representatives for the tax year YYYY…”)
  7. Letters of authorization do not have to be notarized.