Income & Expense Survey

Every year the Department of Real Estate Assessments collects Income and Expense information from commercial property owners to assist us in making our annual fair market value assessments.

Page updated on Mar 29, 2021 at 11:40 AM

It is very important for you to furnish us with full and accurate statements of income and expenses for two reasons. First and foremost, this information will be used to determine the ranges of operating characteristics and the investment criteria in the marketplace so that our fair market value assessments can be as accurate as possible. We want to work with you – up front – to make sure that our assessments are fair and equitable. Second, failure to furnish the statements of income and expenses in a timely manner will preclude the owner from utilizing such information as evidence in any future judicial proceeding under Code of Virginia Section 58.1-3984. However, properties that are owner-occupied are not required to file an Income and Expense Survey, but are required to complete a certification of Owner Occupied Status every three years.

The forms have also been revised. There are fewer forms overall, as four of the forms have been merged into one. Please read the instructions fully, contact us with any questions, and feel free to suggest any improvements for next year. We look forward to working with you.

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Income & Expense Survey Form - Commercial 

Income & Expense Survey Form - Hotel / Motel Property 

Income & Expense Survey Form - Shopping Center 

Income & Expense Survey Form - Warehouse 

Income & Expense Survey Form - Self Storage 

 Income & Expense Survey Form - Apartments 

Income & Expense Survey Form - Elderly Housing / Assisted Living / Nursing Home 

Owner Occupied Status Certification