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The City of Alexandria has a strong commitment to citizen participation as evidenced by the number of citizen boards and commissions established by City Council. These bodies compose a formal system through which citizens can advise City Council on all major issued affecting the City.

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City of Alexandria 2018 Voting Sticker Design Poll

The November 6 General Election will include contests for U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Alexandria Mayor, Alexandria City Council and Alexandria School Board, as well as two proposed amendments to the Virginia constitution. As soon as voters cast their ballots, they will also be able to proudly display an "I Voted" sticker with a talented twist - new designs created by local artist Christina Mazurkevich and initiated by the Alexandria Commission for the Arts in conjunction with the Alexandria Electoral Board and Office of Voter Registration and Elections. 

Now, you have a chance to select the sticker! Please vote for your favorite of three sticker designs here. The sticker with the most votes will be used for the upcoming November 6 General Election. The poll is open for voting Monday, September 17 through Monday, October 1.

Through an open call, local artist Christina Mazurkevich was selected by the Commission appointed Task Force to design the City's official 2018 "I Voted" and "Future Voter" stickers and developed the designs while considering the spirit of Alexandria, the importance of democracy, and ensuring non-partisanship.

For additional information on the upcoming 2018 General Election, visit the City's Elections Office website.

Please submit any 2018 Voting Sticker Design Poll questions to Matthew Stensrud, Chair, Alexandria Commission for the Arts by email to

Creation, composition and organization

As established by ordinance Article K, Sec. 2-4-90 - Sec. 2-4-91:

(a) There is hereby established a standing commission known as the Alexandria Commission for the Arts.

(b) The Commission shall consist of 16 members to be appointed by the City Council. The composition of the Commission shall be as follows:

  1. Four members shall have expertise in the arts, including, but not limited to, arts educators, professional practitioners of various art disciplines and professional administrators working in the arts;
  2. Three members shall have specific expertise in visual arts either as professional practitioners of visual art, curators of visual art, or as professional arts administrators currently working in the field;
  3. Three members shall represent the public at large, as arts consumers or participants;
  4. Three members shall be professionals in fields relevant to arts and cultural development, including cultural planning, marketing, finance, funding, tourism, promotion, non profit organizational development, and real estate development;
  5. Two members shall be professionals in the field related to the visual appearance of the cityscape, such as architecture, environmental design, landscape architecture or urban design; and
  6. One member shall be a student who resides in the city and attends a high school located in the City of Alexandria.

Function; powers; duties

(a) The functions of the Commission shall be as follows:

  1. to advise City Council with regard to policies that will strengthen the arts and further public access to the arts and cultural matters identified by the City Council;
  2. to establish and periodically review criteria and standards for arts grant applications for city funds and accountability for the use of such funds; the allocation from such funds to eligible organizations and activities as may be appropriated by the city council for such purpose; 
  3. to review the public art annual work plan as developed by the office of the arts and a work plan task force and make recommendations to the city council as part of the budget process; 
  4. to review and approve public art project plans for specific public art projects, and to review and approve artist selection and concept development; 
  5. to create committees and task forces, as necessary, to focus on public art project development and artist selection; 
  6. to review proposals for donations of public art and commemorative art and make recommendations to the city council; 
  7. to collaborate with the office of the arts on public art project evaluations; and 
  8. to support public communication and outreach as related to the arts and;
  9. to serve as citizen liaisons to city planning initiatives when public art is involved. 

(b) The commission is empowered to adopt rules and regulations in regard to procedure and other matters so long as the same are not inconsistent with the city code, including, but not limited to, the establishment of committees, through which to carry on its functions and purpose.

(c) A commission chair, vice-chair and secretary shall be elected annually by the commission members at the organization meeting designated in the commission's bylaws. (Ord. No. 3782, 2/25/95, Sec. 1; Ord. No. 4482, 5/12/07, Sec. 1; Ord. No. 4920, 1/24/15, Sec. 1) 

The Commission meets on the third Tuesday of the each month at 7 p.m., at the Lee Center (1108 Jefferson Street, Alexandria, VA 22314) unless otherwise posted on the City Calendar. All meetings are open to the public.  

Term of Service:

3-year term

 List of Members:

  • Catherine Ahern, Public at Large/Arts Consumers
  • Marta Ali, Cityscape/Visual Arts
  • Beth Coast, Professional in Field/Arts Disciplines
  • Susan Cohen, Expertise in Visual Arts
  • Gayle Converse, Vice Chair, Public at Large/Arts Consumer
  • Shirley Downs, Public at Large/Arts Consumer
  • Vacant, Professional in Field/Arts Disciplines
  • Susan Amber Gordon, Professional in Arts/Cultural Development 
  • Tamsin Green, Secretary, Public at Large/Arts Consumer
  • Allison Heck, Professional in Cityscape/Architecture
  • Brian Kelley, Expertise in Visual Arts
  • Chris (William) Kurowski, Vice Chair, Professional in Arts/Cultural Development
  • Vacant, Professional in Field/Arts Disciplines
  • Allison Nance, Expertise in Visual Arts
  • Shaan Shuster, Student Member
  • Matthew Stensrud, Chair, Professional in Field/Arts Disciplines 

Vacancies: Vacancies and application information 

Fiscal Year 2018 Meeting Information

City Staff Contact:

Matthew Harwood, Public Art Manager
Office of the Arts
Recreation, Parks & Cultural Activities Department

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