Background Information for FY2015 Grant Program (DRAFT)

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Grant Program Background (DRAFT):

The Alexandria Commission For The Arts

The Alexandria Commission for the Arts’ primary mission is to lead and advocate for cultural development within the City of Alexandria and surrounding region. The Commission stimulates artistic excellence in the City and makes arts accessible to all Alexandrians.
In pursuing this mission, the Arts Commission sees its role as one of partnership with sponsors of locally initiated arts activities. The Arts Commission does not intrude upon the creative aspects of the activities of artists and organizations but rather provides support and encouragement in those areas where its expertise, experience and resources may prove helpful. As one of its primary activities the Arts Commission operates a grant program to disburse funds received from the City of Alexandria, the Commonwealth of Virginia and private donors.

The Composition of the Commission.
The Alexandria Commission for the Arts was created in 1984 by the Alexandria City Government and is an extension of that Government. It is composed of sixteen citizen volunteer members appointed by the City Council for 3-year terms. Five members represent specific art disciplines: dance, music, literature, theatre and visual arts; five members represent business expertise relative to arts and cultural development and five members represent the public at large as arts consumers and participants. In addition, the City Council appoints a high school student to serve on the Arts Commission. City staff from the Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Activities' Office of the Arts supports the Commission. All Arts Commissioners, members of the Commission’s subordinate bodies, and support staff abide by the City’s Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy and sign a conflict of interest statement annually. All meetings of the Arts Commission are publicly announced and open to the public.

Goals of the Granting Program.
The Alexandria Commission for the Arts Granting Program has the following goals:

  • Encourage artistic excellence in the City of Alexandria;
  • Ensure that Commission-funded arts programs are accessible to all residents, audience members and viewers regardless of race, color, sex, religion, ancestry, national origin, marital status, age, sexual orientation or physical challenges;
  • Assist Alexandria-based arts organizations in improving their financial, administrative and management capabilities;
  • Provide individual artists with opportunities to create, perform and present their works;
  • Support the development of knowledgeable art audiences by encouraging projects and programs to make the arts experience more rewarding and significant for its citizens; and,
  • Encourage arts organizations to undertake activities to increase earned income, and to develop new sources of revenue to reduce the percentage of City funds as a portion of their income.

Provide significant impact on the citizens of Alexandria and on the visibility of the Alexandria arts community.

The Grant Program

Types of Grants:  

  1. Organizational Grants. Organizations may apply to one of the following grant programs during any grant-making cycle:

    • Arts Operational Grant
      A grant to an Alexandria-based arts organization intended to provide general operating support for regular programming activities and administration. Grants made through this category shall not exceed $15,000.

    • Project Grant
      A grant to an arts organization intended to support an arts project performed/presented to benefit the citizens of the City of Alexandria. Grants made through this category shall not exceed $10,000.
  1. Artist Grants. A grant to an individual artist or a group of unincorporated artists intended to support an arts project performed/presented to benefit the citizens of the City of Alexandria. Grants made through this category shall not exceed $5,000.

Details of application preparation for each grant type are provided in the Guide for Funding.