Application Instructions Fiscal Year 2015 (DRAFT)

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Application Instructions (DRAFT) 

General Instructions
The Office of the Arts and the Alexandria Commission for the Arts Commission issues annually the Guide to Funding containing detailed information on eligibility and instructions on application submission.  The Guide is considered an integral part of the grant application form.  Failure to follow instructions contained in this Guide will result in an ineligible proposal. The following are general instructions regarding completion and submission for all grant programs:

  • Fiscal Year: The Fiscal year period used by the City of Alexandria begins July 1 and ends June 30.  All applicants must use this funding period when providing information requested.  For the financial portions of this application, the Most Recently Completed Year and Current Year should be as defined by applicant's organization.  The Grant Year however, is the fiscal year you are requesting funding, is defined as the City's Fiscal Year 2015 (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015).
  • Space Requirements and Font Size:  Completed applications must be typed. Handwritten applications or forms altered in any fashion will render a proposal ineligible.
  • Number of copies: One copy of the original application and attachments need to be received by the Commission's Office by the deadline indicated above.
  • Required Signature:  The application must be signed and dated by a person authorized to act for the applicant. 

Specific Requirements
Grants should be submitted with pages in the order listed below. 

  • Application form: To have a completed application form, all questions should be answered in the application form.
  • Grant Specific Required Attachments: An outline of attachments is provided for each of the grant types offered by the Office of the Arts and Commission.  Appropriate attachments must accompany each grant application.  Consult the Grant Program specific outline for the grant type for which you are applying:

Organizational Grants. Organizations may apply to one of the following grant programs during any grant-making cycle:

  • Arts Operational Grant
    A grant to an Alexandria-based arts organization intended to provide general operating support for regular programming activities and administration.
  • Project Grant
    A grant to an arts organization intended to support an arts project performed/presented to benefit the citizens of the City of Alexandria.
  • Artist Grants. A grant to an individual artist or a group of unincorporated artists intended to support an arts project performed/presented to benefit the citizens of the City of Alexandria.

Details of application preparation for each grant type are provided in the this Guide for Funding.

General Attachments
 Applications from organizations should include 1 copy of the following: a) current reviews, promotional materials, blogs, or other social media; b) partnership letters for the project/program (6 items maximum); c) Copy of the organization's a) IRS Letter of Determination;  and b) copy of artistic work sample and description.

Artistic Work Samples
All applicants for the Operating and Project grants (organizations and individuals) are required to submit artistic work samples for the evaluation of the proposal's artistic merit.  The samples should not, generally, be more than two years old.  The work samples can be provided through weblinks: YouTube, websites, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instragram, or other social media distribution outlets.  Applicants should provide a one-page narrative to explain the work.  One medium may contain several specific samples for review by the Resource Panel.  

If a potential applicant encounters difficulties in submission of samples in the quantities and types noted above, the Office of the Arts staff should be contacted (prior to the submission of a grant application) to seek permission to substitute for or truncate these requirements. For specific information call (703) 746-5588.  If hard copies of work samples are submitted, they should be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope if their return is desired.