Guide to Funding: Individual Artist(s) (DRAFT)

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Project Grant for Individual Artist(s)
Detailed Description of Grant Program


To encourage individual artists to undertake projects that are imaginative and engaging, while enhancing the artistic offerings within the City of Alexandria.


Project grants to individuals support specific and separately budgeted arts activities which are performed or presented to benefit the citizens of the City of Alexandria.

Funding Limitations:

  • The artistic event or program to be supported by the grant must take place within the City of Alexandria.
  • Grant funding cannot exceed 50% of the total project budget.
  • Maximum grant award not to exceed $5,000.


In addition to the general eligibility requirements noted in this Guide to Funding, Project grant to individual artists:

  • Must have been a resident in the Greater Washington Metropolitan region for at least one year prior to the application deadline and must maintain residency during the grant period.
  • Special consideration will be given to individual artists who either live, work or study in the City of Alexandria.
  • Must be 18 years of age.
  • Must submit only one Artist grant during any given grant cycle.
  • An artist who is an employee of an organization that is applying in one of the organizational categories named above will be considered an eligible artist in this category provided that the project proposed in the application is not directly related to the work s/he does for the organization.
  • Must be artists, arts professionals or arts educators who have experience with engaging communities through art projects.   
  • An artist is not eligible to apply if s/he received an individual artist grant during the past two consecutive grant years.

Artist Grant Online Outline

The Project Grant's for individual artists' online application follows the outline below.  The outline acts as a guide for writing the grant and articulates grant specific attachments.  When submitting the hard copy of the grant packet, collate the grant packet in the exact order of the grant outline.

  1. Artistic Excellence

    1. Provide a brief biographical sketch of each participating artist, including an artist's statement and highlights of educational, professional development, and artistic experiences.
    2. Please attach a brief resume that details your education, professional development, and artistic experiences (do not exceed 3 pages). Under professional development, include the names and dates of courses, seminars, workshops and similar programs related to professional and artistic development taken in the last 3 years. List any professional organizations to which you belong.
    3. Provide evidence of the artistic excellence of artist(s)' past activities, which may include, but is not limited to, published reviews and work samples. Please include links as available to online work samples (e.g., performance videos, online exhibitions).
    4. Describe the relationship between the work sample and the proposed project, noting any stylistic or technical elements that are directly related to the proposed project. If the proposed project represents a new direction or departure from artist(s)' past work as demonstrated in the work sample, this should also be discussed.
    5. Results of previous year's activity if the grantee received funding during the previous fiscal year.

  2. Planned Project
    1. Describe the specific goals for this project/program. Ensure that SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goals are presented.
    2. Describe the project, highlighting how the project contributes to the accomplishment of the project goals.
    3. Provide a planning, management and implementation timeline.
    4. Describe the innovating and engaging components of the project and why the project should be funded.

  3. Planning, Management and Implementation

    1. Describe applicant's ability to plan, implement, and evaluate previous projects of comparable scope and complexity.
    2. Provide a timeline of key implementation steps/tasks required to accomplish the planned project's goals.
    3. Provide a fund-raising plan which addresses how the applicant will attract funding sources (including in-kind support) for this project.
    4. Provide a marketing plan with a variety of marketing methods for promoting the project (i.e., newsletter, advertisements, mailing, web site, etc.). The plan should include a discussion of social media (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) as an integral part of the organization's marketing strategy.
    5. Describe the applicant's methods for evaluating the accomplishment of project goals. This section must include a description of the method used to track participation in arts activities and documenting the impact of arts activities on audiences.
  4. Public Benefit to the City of Alexandria

    1. Describe how the project will enhance the artistic experiences and public benefit to the City's residents.
    2. Describe the organization's plan for community engagement of this project to outreach to, and participation by a diverse audience (e.g., through free or reduced tickets, audience talks or other opportunities provided to the City's residents).
    3. Describe how the organization attracts audiences from outside Alexandria.
    4. Describe how the project will make a positive economic impact on Alexandria.
  5. Finances

    1. Complete budget pages included in the online application. Budget Narrative. The Budget Narrative gives the applicant the opportunity to explain the Budget.
    2. If the Budget includes "Other" expenses that are greater than $1,000, the Budget Narrative should explain those expenses.
    3. The Budget Narrative should also be used to describe how the artists will secure the financial resources necessary to meet the 1:1 "cash match" requirement.
    4. Provide a current list of contributors to this project.