Pamela Underhill & Roger Foster

Page updated on May 12, 2015 at 2:22 PM

Traffic Control Box Wraps, 2015

A Public Art Project


We are a photographer and sculptor-illustrator team. For this project, we focused on creating site-specific, digital mosaics that capture Alexandria landscape scenes in a 360-degree panorama. A variety of photographs, pictures of sculptures, along with drawn/painted images are projected onto the five faces of the traffic boxes. Our designs blend Roger’s photographic realism with Pamela’s hand drawn color play. The images capture four different neighborhoods along Duke Street towards the West End. We created our unique images by combining Pamela’s perceptions, as a practicing landscape designer and artist with Roger’s photographic and computer manipulated images.


The Roth Street box shows photographs of four globes that are landscapes in the round. Look closely and you will see views of the local neighborhood including the new Yates Pizza and Bishop Ireton High School. The globes are sitting in an image of a photographed stick sculpture. The concept is eggs in a nest. At Witter Street, scenes from the athletic fields become a secondary layer of fish in an aquarium. Dove Street took a panoramic view of the Carlisle complex and morphed it into a butterfly ready to fly. Callahan Drive has several scenes of community gathering places, showing multiple groups of people enjoying the day and evening (as represented by the starry sky painting).


All the images are representations of how we the artists see Alexandria, as a vital, enjoyable, family community. We have represented aspects of transportation, the arts, creative minds, education, natural environments, sports, dining, and history. We represented our international community of families in various scenes. We also paid homage to Alexandria being a river town. Take a close look to enjoy all the artistic layers of the places represented. See if you can identify the landmarks. Enjoy!