Anthony Palliparambil

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Work Statement – Anthony Palliparambil, Jr.

Traffic Control Boxes

I have long been interested in exploring the role of technology in the arts, and finding a bridge between the two. With a swipe of the finger, a simple photograph can be transformed into a vintage-hued snapshot of life, posted for millions to view, like, share, and comment on. Borrowing this approach to fast art, my works were created entirely from original photographs of Alexandria, manipulated and transformed digitally. My work aims to reimagine seemingly ordinary visual glimpses of day-to-day life and transform them into fantastic, otherworldly explorations of color, light, line, and memory.

The original source material for my designs in this project are varied – images of City Hall, the river, even photographs of the interesting architectural details found throughout the city all served as jumping off points. I wanted to create works that were directly inspired by the vibrant community and effervescent pace and quality of life only found in Alexandria.

I hope these works will serve as colorful, activated moments along the Duke Street corridor and remind the passersby to look for beauty in the most unexpected places.