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Youth Activities

Activity Packet

Take Home Activity Packet

This year we are challenging students to think about their water usage. We have compiled activities that are fun and easy ways to monitor the water we use, discover how much water is in our bodies as well as the food we eat, learn the parts of the water cycle, and discover creative ways to add water to our every day diets!

Participation is simple! Over the next few weeks complete at least four or more of the activities listed in this guide. Some activities may require adult supervision. Bring your completed activity book to the 2017 Alexandria Earth Day Celebration on April 29, 2017 OR email your completed packet to Reggie Morris, 4-H Agent at be sure to join us at the Earth Day Celebration to collect your prize!

Please check back for a fillable PDF version of the guide

Fashion Show

The Earth Day Planning Committee is excited to provide students an opportunity to showcase fashion trends and express their creativity, while reinforcing the importance of re-purposing old garments or discarded items. Students should create fashion items to promote the Earth Day theme  "Clean Water Starts With- YOU!" considering each individual has in keeping our world’s most precious resource clean. We encourage students to think of all the items found in our waterways: water bottles, plastic bags, soda cans, six-pack beverage rings, etc. How could these or other items such as expired gift cards or CDs be transformed into fashionable garments and/or accessories? How could “upcycling” clothing into a new item save our environment; i.e., turning an old sweater into a vest or scarf?

Calling all Scouts and kids of all ages! - Get involved and Earn a Merit Badge

Reduce the amount of waste heading to landfills by choosing to reuse! Complete at least three activities from our reuse idea list to earn your free Alexandria Earth Day badge.