2014 Ellen Pickering Environmental Excellence Award Winner

Page updated on Jan 28, 2016 at 1:48 PM

The UpCycle Creative Reuse Center is the winner of this year’s Ellen Pickering Environmental Excellence Award. The award will be presented to UpCycle co-founders Kelley Organek and Susan Miranda during Alexandria Earth Day 2014 on Saturday, April 26, at Ben Brenman Park; a tree will also be planted to celebrate the occasion.

The Upcycle Creative Reuse Center, located in the Del Ray neighborhood, collects and redistributes reusable material for art and learning purposes. The Center’s large collection of material is used in creative and artistic programs for all ages and is also available to the public at reduced prices. The center provides playgroups, arts and crafts workshops, summer camps, school enrichment activities, studio space, and professional development programs for teachers and parents.

The UpCycle Creative Reuse Center blends creativity and fun with sustainability,” said Alexandria Renew Enterprises CEO Karen Pallansch. “Instead of sending material and everyday objects to the dumpster, the center brings together kids of all ages to recycle and reuse the material to build, create and learn. The late Ms. Pickering would have loved the sense of community and environmental stewardship the Center brings to Alexandria, and for that reason we are thrilled to present the UpCycle Creative Reuse Center with the Ellen Pickering Environmental Excellence Award for 2014.”