Alexandria Parks Listing (S-Z)

Information on Park listings S-Z pertaining to what each park offers in amenities.

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St. Asaph Park

Park Location: 221 E Mt Ida Avenue (map)  

Park Area: 0.26 acres


Park Features: Open lawn

Schuyler Hamilton Jones Skateboard Park

Park Location: 3540 Wheeler Avenue  (map) 

Park Area: 0.99 acres


Park Features: Skateboard ramps

The Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities requires all Skatepark patrons to wear proper protective equipment including helmets and elbow and kneepads.

Shipyard/Harborside Park

Park Location: 1 Wilkes Street  (map) 

Park Area: 1.52 acres

  IconLake IconWalking

Park Features: Trail and riverside seating

Shipyard Park is owned and maintained in partnership by the Harborside Condominium Home Owners Association with permanent public access to the riverside park and public wharf. The Park is part of a system of linear parks along Alexandria's waterfront.  

Eugene Simpson Stadium Park

Park Location: 426 E. Monroe Avenue (map) 

Park Area: 9.94 acres

IconAthleticFields IconBasketball IconDog Run IconGarden IconPlaygroundsmall IconTennis    

Park Features: Baseball fields, basketball court, dog exercise area, garden, playground and tennis courts.

South Carlyle Square

Park Location: 825 John Carlyle Street  (map) 

Park Area: 0.12


Park Features: Open lawn and seating area  

South Reynolds Park 

Park Location: 270 S. Reynolds Street (map

Park Area: 1.01 acres 


Park Features: Heavily wooded natural area  

Stevenson Park

Park Location: 300 Stultz Road  (map) 

Park Area: 8.49 acres

IconAthleticFields  IconBasketball  IconPark Shelter  IconBBQ  IconPlaygroundsmall 

Park Features: Athletic fields, basketball court, park shelter with grill, playground, and sitting area

The baseball field is used at various times by the Alexandria Soccer Association, Bishop Ireton, Alexandria Lacrosse Club, and is also open to the public.

Sunset Mini Park

Park Location: 4 Sunset Drive  (map) 

Park Area: 0.14 acres


Park Features: Playground

Taney Avenue Park

Park Location: 4149 Taney Avenue  (map) 

Park Area: 2.57 acres

IconAthleticFields  IconPicnic Bench  IconWooded 

Park Features: Open play area, sitting areas, picnic area, and wooded nature area.

Tarleton Park

Park Location: 4420A Vermont Avenue  (map)
Park Area: 6.14 acres

IconDog Run  IconHiking  IconPlayground  Icon_Biking  IconBench 

Park Features: Dog exercise area, nature area with trails, open play area, playground, walking/biking trails, and sitting area

The path connects Holmes Run Park, Brookvalley Park, Veterans Park, Tarleton Park, Joe Hensley Park, Cameron Run Park, and the Eisenhower Avenue corridor.

Taylor Run Park

Park location: Taylor Run Parkway East  (map) 

Park Area: 3.34 acres


Park Features: Wooded area

Tide Lock Park

Park Location: 1 Canal Center Plaza  (map) 

Park Area: 4.68 acres


Park Features: Biking and riverfront seating area

Tide Lock Park is named for an old canal controlled by wooden locks that once existed on the Alexandria Waterfront. The canal was used to move goods and materials to and from sea going ships. The last of Alexandria canals were destroyed by flood in the early 1820's and never replaced due to the establishment of the railroad. Today, there is a replica of the lock and canal in the Park, which includes many of original canal wall stones.

This park privately owned, but is part of the publicly accessible linear park system along Alexandria's waterfront.

Timberbranch Parkway

Park Location: Timberbranch Parkway  (map) 

Park area: 6.19

IconDog Run  IconWooded 

Park Features: Dog exercise area, and wooded area

Timberland Park

Park Location: 66A Kennedy Street  (map) 

Park Area: 0.53 acres

Iconpassive wooded 

Park Features: Passive park area

Torpedo Plaza and City Marina

Park Location: 0 Cameron Street  (map) 

Park Area: 1.5 acres

Iconboating  IconLake 

Park Features: Boat docking, and riverside seating

The Torpedo Plaza and City Marina located behind the Torpedo Factory has a wonderful view of the Potomac River, with a view far south beyond the Wilson Bridge and north past the Washington Channel. The Marina is used for both pleasure boat docking and commercial boats.

Waterfront Park

Park Location: 1A Prince Street  (map) 

Park Area: 1.37 acres

Iconboating  IconLake 

Park Features: Boat docking, open lawn space, riverfront seating, and walking trails

Waterfront Park is part of the linear park system on Alexandria's Waterfront. The park is a regular location for small City sponsored festivals and events.

Park Rental Information

Washington Way Park

Park Location: 120 North Pitt Street  (map) 

Park Area: 0.05 acres

IconBench  IconGarden

Park Features: Flower beds, and seating area

West's Point Park

Park Location: 1 Oronoco Street  (map) 

Park Area: 0.07 acres


Park Features: Riverfront sitting area and observation deck

West's Point Park is part the linear park system along Alexandria's waterfront.

Wilkes Street Park

Park Location:  Wilkes Street (map

Park Area: 0.7 acres

IconWalking Icon_Biking Iconpassive wooded

Park Features:  Passive areas, a bike trail, and walking path. 

The park has a wide walkway that is lighted, there are also shade trees and grassy areas. The park is bisected by South Alfred Street.

William Ramsay Field

Park Location: 5700 Sanger Avenue (map) 

Park Area: 10.94 acres

IconAthleticFields IconBasketball IconPlayground IconTennis 

Park Features: Athletic fields, basketball court, playground, and tennis courts recreation center with a full basketball court, and adjacent activity/game room

Beyond the tennis court to the south is one of the several entries to the Dora Kelly Nature Park. Access to the Recreation Center is opposite the School Building on the north side. The Center features game rooms and a full indoor basketball court. The school uses this area for gym/P.E. classes during the day. The Buddie Ford Nature Center is located to the west of the Recreation Center.

Windmill Hill Park

Park Location: 501 South Union Street  (map) 

Park Area: 3.43 acres

IconLake  IconVolleyball  IconBasketball  IconPlayground  IconDog Run 

Park Features: Basketball court, playground, riverfront seating, dog area, and sand volleyball.

Windmill Hill Park is part the linear park system along Alexandria's waterfront.

Witter Recreational Fields

Park Location: 2700 Witter Drive (map) 

Park Area: 13.7 acres

IconAthleticFields  IconPark Shelter  IconParking  IconRestrooms

Park Features: Athletic fields (two synthetic turf rectangular), cemetery, park shelters, parking, and restrooms

Woodbine Tot Lot

Park Location: 1509 Woodbine Street  (map) 

Park Area: 0.13


Park Features: Playground

Wythe Street Plaza

Park Location: 705 North Fairfax Street  (map) 

Park area: 0.44 acres


Park Features: Seating area and flower beds

Wythe Street Park leads in to Oronoco Park on the riverfront.