Natural Resource Management Plan

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Natural Resource Management Plan

NRMPCoverThe City of Alexandria’s 2018 Natural Resource Management Plan (NRMP) represents the City’s development of a strategic course of action for preserving, protecting, and sustainability in managing Alexandria’s natural resources and native biodiversity. This plan aligns with other initiatives and policies adopted by the City over the years, while expanding on them by specifically addressing natural resource conservation and management.


In 2018, RPCA adopted the RPCA Strategic Plan: 2018-2023, which has Investing in our Natural Environment as one of the four focus areas.  The plan states, “Our commitment to natural spaces provides physical, mental, and community benefits, while offering opportunities to engage with and conserve our natural resources.”

The main goal of the NRMP is to preserve Alexandria’s native landscape and natural heritage for present and future generations. Public education regarding the value of the City’s natural resources and their stewardship, as well as opportunities for participation and involvement, are also major goals of the plan.

The purpose of the NRMP is to establish a comprehensive, science-based approach to natural resource management in the City of Alexandria through natural resource conservation and stewardship. This plan also provides recommendations and actions to achieve the resource protection and stewardship mission of RPCA and the long-term management and sustainability of the City’s natural resources.



The NRMP is broken into four focus areas: Management, Conservation, Restoration and Community. Each focus area has items that will achieve the goal of that area. These proposed items are described in detail in the NRMP.

Outreach Process

During the development of the NRMP, presentations to internal and external stakeholders were made to receive input on the content, direction and implementation of this plan.  Presentations were made to several groups, including but not limited to:

  • RPCA Park Planning
  • RPCA Park Operations
  • City of Alexandria Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Department of Transportation & Environmental Services / Water Quality Work Group
  • City of Alexandria Environmental Policy Commission
  • City of Alexandria Beautification Commission

Additional Information

For additional information, contact Bob Williams, Division Chief, Natural Resources, at or 703.746.4688.