Chinquapin Park Recreation Center & Aquatics Facility Improvements

Page updated on Sep 6, 2021 at 11:53 AM

Project Description

The Chinquapin Park Recreation Center and Aquatics Facility will close on Saturday, June 26 through Monday, September 6, 2021, to facilitate several planned facility improvements and annual cleaning. The scope of the facility improvements is highly invasive and requires the temporary full closure of the facility to ensure public safety, reduce costs, and shorten the improvement period to minimize community impact. These dates were selected because residents heavily use the City’s outdoor pools during the summer months.  

The Chinquapin Park Recreation Center and Aquatics Facility will reopen on Tuesday, September 7. Some planned long-duration improvement projects will continue after reopening.


3210 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22302




Saturday, June 26 through Monday, September 6, 2021, with some long-duration projects continuing through 2022.

Planned facility improvements and cleaning include: 

  • Replastering and cleaning of Chinquapin’s Rixse Memorial Pool. This will improve the longevity, cleanliness, water conservation, appearance, and safety of the pool shell for several years. 
  • Replacement of the pool and locker room tile flooring. This will improve the safety, cleanliness, and appearance of the pool deck and locker rooms.
  • Removal of the wooden pool deck bleachers, which have reached the end of their lifespan and can no longer be safely used.
  • Refinishing and painting of the pool ceiling to improve appearance, cleanliness, lighting, and air quality.  
  • Replacement of flooring that had reached the end of their safe lifespans in all club rooms and administrative suites. These replacements will improve the functionality, appearance, safety, and comfort of the spaces.
  • Annual deep cleaning and disinfection of the entire facility to provide a safe and clean space for users and employees upon reopening
  • Start of construction of several new universal changing stalls, which will provide more options for individuals and families for whom the community locker rooms are not the best fit (Chinquapin currently only has one such universal changing area). This project will be ongoing in the Fall of 2021. 
  • Start of construction of a new lifeguard office, which will create a safer and more functional space for the lifeguard rescue team to assist customers who require medical care. This project will be ongoing in the Fall of 2021. 
  • Start of skylight replacements. The new skylights will eliminate leaks, improve energy efficiency, and improve lighting and appearance. This project will be ongoing in the Fall of 2021 through 2022. 

Progress Updates

June 26 - Demo Day: Pool operators began draining the pool, which takes a few days to complete. Lifeguards and swim coaches cleared the pool deck of all rescue and swim equipment. Some equipment was moved to storage, and some was distributed at the outdoor pools for the summer. The pool deck tile has started getting broken up and removed, in preparation for new tile. The non-functional large, wooden bleachers are being dismantled and removed, which were replaced with shorter, movable aluminum bleachers in 2018. With the wooden bleachers removed, swim classes and groups will have more space for dry-land training and activities.

Deck Demo Day 1

July 1 - Removal of tile on the pool deck, locker rooms, and lifeguard office is nearing completion. The wooden bleachers have been partially disassembled. Scaffolding is being installed in preparation for the pool ceiling being repainted.


July 7 - The wooden bleachers have been fully disassembled and removed, and it is now possible to see the increase in available deck space. Tile demolition is nearly complete. Scaffolding installation is nearly complete in preparation for painting of the pool ceiling.

Bleacher Removal

July 12 - The pool ceiling is being power washed and prepared for new paint.


July 19 - Painting of the pool ceiling has commenced. The lighter color will improve visibility in the water and on the deck for enhanced safety.


July 26 - Retiling of the locker rooms and lifeguard office is underway. Floor drains are being updated and regraded to improve water flow and accessibility for customers with wheelchairs. Ceiling painting is nearly complete and scaffolding is being disassembled. 


August 2 - Retiling of the pool deck is underway. A band of tile of a darker color will wrap around the pool edges to better indicate where the water begins, which will improve safety.

deck tile

August 17 - Retiling of the pool deck and locker rooms continues. New white coat replastering was applied to the pool interior, and the Alexandria Fire Department assisted with refilling the pool.


September 6 - The facility has been cleaned and is ready to welcome customers back!



Lindsay Burneson, Regional Program Director, 703.746.5457