Alexandria Parks Listing (E-H)

Information on Park listings E-H pertaining to what each park offers in amenities.

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Elbert Triangle Park

Park Location: 4000 Mount Vernon Avenue  (map) 

Park Area: 0.18 acres

IconBench IconGarden IconWalking 

Park Features: Sitting areas, flower beds, shade trees, and a walking path

Eugene Simpson Stadium Park

Park Location: 426 E. Monroe Avenue (map) 

Park Area: 9.94 acres

IconAthleticFields IconBasketball IconDog Run IconGarden IconPlaygroundsmall IconTennis    

Park Features: Baseball fields, basketball court, dog exercise area, garden, playground and tennis courts.

Ewald Park

Park Location: 4452 Duke Street  (map) 

Park Area: 3.88 acres

IconBasketball  IconPlaygroundsmall  IconParking  IconSwimming  

Park Features: Basketball court, open space/field, parking, playground, swimming pool and bath house

Fords Landing City Park

Park Location: 99 Franklin St. (map) 

Park Area: .74 acres

IconWalking IconLake

Park Features: Walking trail and riverfront seating

This publicly accessible site is owned and maintained by the Ford's Landing Homeowners Association 

Fort Ward Park

Park Location: 4301 West Braddock Road  (map) 

Park Area: 43.46 acres

IconPerformance Space  Iconpassive wooded  IconPark Shelter  IconBBQ  IconParking  IconPlaygroundsmall  IconRestrooms 

Park Features: Amphitheater, museum, park shelter, parking, picnic areas, playground, and restrooms

Fort Ward Park is one of 68 earthen forts that were built in the defense of Washington, D.C. during the Civil War. The fort was named for Commander James Harmon Ward, the first United States Naval Officer killed in the Civil War. The on-site museum at Fort Ward is a replica of the Civil War-era building that existed on the fort grounds, as photographed by the famous Civil War photographer, Matthew Brady. The museum also has a library and the surrounding grounds are often used for both Civil War and Revolutionary War re-enactments.

Ad Hoc Fort Ward Park and Museum Area Management Plan Implementation Monitoring Group

Please click here for picnic area rental fees 

Prohibited Activities:
Camping - No person shall set up tents, shacks, trailers or any other temporary shelter for the purpose of overnight camping. Exceptions: Overnight camping may be allowed for large groups under certain conditions.

Alcohol Beverage Policy: Fort Ward is specified and designed as a park where the use of alcoholic beverages by a group of 50 or more, based within the City of Alexandria, is permitted under strict regulation and control. Only draft beer and wine will be permitted in the park areas 2,3, and 4. Beer must be in a keg and served in disposable cups. Additional fees, permits and licenses are required for approved alcohol use in the park. Please allow at least two weeks prior to the date of reservation for proper processing of ABC fees, permits and licenses. Consumption of alcoholic beverages by any person or group is prohibited in Fort Ward Park without proper documentation. 

Dogs: Unleashing dogs ( except in the dog exercise area) or allowing dogs to urinate or defecate in the park. Dog owners are required to clean-up.

Fires and Grills: Fires are permitted in park grills only. Barbeque pits for cooking on the ground are prohibited. Propane gas grills are prohibited. All fires must be extinguished and ashes placed in designated containers or left in the park grill before the area is vacated. No personal grills are permitted without pre-approval.

Fort Ward Athletic Facility

Park Location: 4421 West Braddock Road ( map)

Park Area: 5 acres

IconAthleticFields  IconTennis IconParking 

Park Features: Synthetic Turf Athletic Field, Tennis Courts and Parking

Fort Williams Park

Park Location: 501 Fort Williams Parkway  (map) 

Park Area: 8.3 acres


Park Features: Wooded nature area with a walking path

A small stream that runs through the park feeds into Lake Cook. The park is named for an earthen Civil War Fort that once existed at this site. No trace of the fort exists today.

Founders Park

Park Location: 351 North Union Street  (map) 

Park Area: 4.67 acres

IconDog Run  IconVolleyball  IconLake 

Park Features: Dog exercise area, volleyball court, benches, walking paths

The Alexandria Marina is located on the south-eastern edge of the park and the Potomac River. The dog exercise area is located in the north west corner at Oronoco and N. Union Streets.

Founders Park has been adopted by the Founders Park Community Association. 

Four Mile Run Park

Park Location: 3700 Commonwealth Avenue and 4131 Mount Vernon Avenue  (map) 

Park Area: 46.75 acres (an additional 1.47 acres has recently been acquired and a planning process is currently underway for the additional land)

IconAthleticFields  IconBasketball  Icon_Biking  IconBird Watching  IconFishing  IconParking  IconPicnic Bench   IconPlaygroundsmall  

Park Features: Athletic fields, basketball, biking/jogging/walking trail, bird and river watching, fishing, playground, picnic benches, and sitting areas

The fields are used by T. C. Williams High School, Bishop Ireton, Youth and Adult Sports, and other men's and women's leagues.

A bike trail connects to the Arlington path from the west and the Washington, D.C. path from the north.

The Four Mile Run Playground and Betty King Entrance have been adopted by the Hume Spring Citizens' Association.

In July 2017, the City of Alexandria dedicated the Four Mile Run Park Edison Street entrance to Dr. Betty Louise Josephson King in recognition of her energetic involvement and efforts to improve the quality of life in the surrounding community. Betty King was a scientist, teacher, community activist, photographer, mother, grandmother, neighbor, and friend who lived in the Hume Springs neighborhood in north Alexandria from the early 1980’s until she passed away in her home on Mark Drive on June 2, 2016.  Betty helped to reinforce a human connection to the Park and forge the neighborhood’s bond to Four Mile Run.  early 1990s.  Betty ran for Alexandria City Council in 1991 as an Independent.  For many years she was a Board Officer of the Hume Springs Civic Association and worked tirelessly as an active participant of the Arlandria Small Area Planning Advisory Group and the Four Mile Run Restoration Joint Task Force between Alexandria and Arlington. She was instrumental in bringing the vision of this urban waterway to reality.  

Freedmen's Cemetery

Park Location: 1001 South Washington Street  (map) 

Park Area: 0.43 acres

Iconpassive wooded

Park Features: Alexandria Contrabands & Freedmen's Cemetery served as the burial place for about 1,800 African Americans who fled to Alexandria to escape from bondage during the Civil War. A Memorial opened in 2014 on the site of the cemetery, to honor the memory of the Freedmen, the hardships they faced, and their contributions to the City. For additional information about this site visit:

Gentry Park

Park Location: 210A Guthrie Avenue  (map) 

Park Area: 0.2 acres


Park Features: Passive open space

George Mason Park

Park Location: 2601 Cameron Mills Road  (map) 

Park Area: 5.36 acres (9.40 acres with school)

IconAthleticFields  IconBasketball  IconPlaygroundsmall  IconTennis  IconParking 

Park Features: Athletic fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, parking, playground, and sitting area

George Mason Park is heavily used by Alexandria Sports Association, Youth Sports, and Recreation Department Summer Camps. The Alexandria Recreation Summer Camp program is located at the playground.

Goat Hill Park

Park Location: 33 Kennedy Street  (map) 

Park Area: 2.47 acres

Iconpassive wooded  IconPlaygroundsmall 

Park Features: Playground equipment, sitting areas, natural wooded area

Goat Hill Park is located within the Warwick Village residential neighborhood. The playground best serves the 5 - 10 year old group. The hill behind and above the playground extends into a steep wooded area.

Goat Hill Park has been adopted by the Warwick Village Citizens' Association.

Hammond Upper and Lower Fields

Park Location: 4646 Seminary Road  (map) 

Park Area: 18.91 acres


Park Features: Athletic fields (one synthetic turf rectangular) and running track

The Hammond upper field is located at the intersection of Seminary Road and Pickett Street. The Hammond School and Facility is named in honor of Francis C. Hammond a Navy Corpsman and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient who was killed in action in the Korean War. The Upper field includes a quarter mile asphalt track and soccer field.
The lower field, located behind the middle school at Southwest corner of the facility, includes a large soccer field and little league backstops. A lit roller blade hockey rink is located on the upper parking.

Harborside/Shipyard Park

Park Location: 1 Wilkes Street (map)  

Park Area: 1.52 acres

IconLake IconWalking 

Park Features: Trail and riverside seating

Shipyard Park is owned and maintained in partnership by the Harborside Condominium Home Owners Association with permanent public access to the riverside park and public wharf. The Park is part of a system of linear parks along Alexandria's waterfront.

Hillside Park

Park Location: 264 Burgess Avenue  (map) 

Park Area: 0.31 acres


Park Features: Sitting areas and walking path

Hillside Park is a passive, very shady nature area and walking path.

Hillside Park has been adopted by the Warwick Village Citizens' Association. 

Holmes Run Scenic Easement

Park Location: Holmes Run Parkway  (map) 

Park Area: 8.02 acres

Iconpassive wooded Icon_Biking 

Park Features: Natural wooded area, walking and biking paths

Holmes Run Parkway connects Dora Kelley Nature Park at its northern most point to Brookvalley Park in the southern end. 

Hooffs Run Park and Greenway

Park Location: 18A East Linden Street  (map)
Park Area: 4.53 acres

IconDog Run  IconPlaygroundsmall  IconGarden  IconTennis  IconBasketball 

Park Features: Basketball half court, dog exercise area, garden, tennis court, and playground

A lighted walking path through Hooff's Run, parallel to Commonwealth Avenue, leads pedestrians from Rosemont Avenue to King Street.

Hooff's Run has been adopted by the Rosemont Citizens/Lower East Rosemont.

Hume Springs Park

Park Location: 100 Dale Street  (map) 

Park Area: 0.53 acres

IconPlaygroundsmall  IconBench 

Park Features: Playground and sitting areas

This playground is designed and best suited for 3 - 8 year olds.

Hume Springs Park has been adopted by the Hume Spring Citizens' Association. 

Helen Miller/Bernard Hunter Park

Park Location: 224 North Fayette Street  (map) 

Park Area: 0.32 acres

IconBasketball  IconPlaygroundsmall

Park Features: Basketball court and playground

The basketball court has lights for evening and night time play. During the summer months there is league play under the lights.

This site is named for the late Mr. Bernard Hunter and Mrs. Helen Miller, community activists.

Hunter/Miller Park has been adopted by the West Old Town Civic Association.