RPCA Fee Schedule & Policies

In September 2013, City Council adopted the Department’s Resource Allocation and Cost Recovery Policy. This policy serves as a guide allocating resources, based on the community benefits methodology. City Council also adopted the Department Financial Assistance Policy helping ensure social equity and access to our programs.

Page updated on Jul 1, 2021 at 9:38 AM

Resource Allocation and Cost Recovery

FY 2022 Fees for Programs and Services - Effective July 1, 2021

Fee Assistance Program for City Residents

The Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities encourages participation in City programs from all City residents. If you, a member of your family, or a friend would like to participate in programs or activities sponsored by this Department and are in need of fee assistance in order to participate, please view the Financial Assistance Policy or contact the sponsoring program office for more detailed information. Financial Assistance Requests must be received at least two weeks prior to the start of a class. For fee assistance information, call 703.746.5414 or (TTY) 703.838.4902.

Fee Guidelines for Groups Renting Facilities & Equipment

All groups are assessed applicable fees according to the Annual Fee Schedule.

  • Group A: Nonresident/Private Business/Non-local
    • Include all nonresidents, all Private Business, and organizations charging fees or accepting donations.
  • Group B: Resident/Local Non-profits
    • Include City residents and non-profit (501 c3) organizations, civic organizations, homeowner associations, and local & state political organizations located within the City limits of Alexandria who are deemed to provide a community benefit.
  • Group C: City Departments and Other Governmental Agencies
    • Include City Departments and other governmental agencies, and Alexandria City Public Schools.
  • Group D: Art Affiliate Groups- Durant Arts Center
    • 80% subsidy for art affiliates renting space in Durant Arts Center – applicants must apply and be approved to qualify for the Arts Affiliate subsidy.

Community Use of Indoor Facilities 

  • RPCA allows “no fee” use for Alexandria City non-profit groups, civic organizations and homeowner associations at certain designated recreation center locations. These uses must occur during normal operating hours and require no additional set up activity.
  • Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis and require a rental application, but room use is at the Group C.  Use is based on availability and RPCA programs have priority. These reservations cannot extend for longer than three months and groups are limited up to two (2) uses per month. 

Other Guidelines 

  • Fees will be determined after evaluation of the request. Maintenance, professional staff and police protection services fees will be charged when applicable.
  • Commercial and promotional activities in parks and facilities will be authorized only if they are deemed to provide a community benefit. They will be permitted only when they are clearly not in conflict with existing programs and restricted use does not occur for an unreasonable period of time.
  • The renting party assumes responsibility for damage to turf, facility, or loss of equipment, and agrees to post a deposit to pay the cost of any repair or replacement to any park, facility, or equipment. This deposit will be set according to the policy identified in the Fee Schedule.