Alexandria Parks Listing (M-R)

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Market Square

Park Location: 300 King Street  (map) 

Park Area: 1.11 acres

IconPerformance Space  IconFarmers Market  IconBench 

Park Features: Event space, farmers market, open plaza with fountain and planting beds

In 1749, two half-acre lots were reserved for a marketplace and town hall. The Farmers' Market, the oldest continuously running market in the country, is held every Saturday from 5:00am to 10:30am year-round.

For more information on the Farmer's Market, call 703.746.3200.

Mason Avenue Mini Park

Park Location: 10 East Monroe Avenue  (map) 

Park Area: 0.31 acres

IconPlaygroundsmall  IconBench 

Park Features: Playground and sitting area

Mason Avenue Mini Park has been adopted by the Del Ray Citizens' Association.  

Metro Linear Park

Park Location: 300 Buchanan Street  (map) 

Park Area: 3.83 acres


Park Features: A pathway connects the Buchanan Street neighborhood community to the Metro Stations at Braddock Road and King Street.

Minnie Howard Field

Park Location: 3701 West Braddock Road  (map) 

Park Area: 5.38 acres

IconAthleticFields  IconTennis  IconRestrooms  IconParking

Park Features: Lighted athletic field with synthetic turf, lighted tennis courts, parking, and rest rooms

During the school year the Minnie Howard School holds its gym classes on the playing field, and in the evening the Alexandria Soccer Association has regularly scheduled soccer practice. The T.C. Williams girls field hockey and men's and women's lacrosse teams also use the field.

Monticello Park

Park Location: 320 Beverly Drive  (map) 

Park Area: 6.24 Acres

IconHiking  IconBird Watching  IconDog Run

Park Features: Bird watching, dog area, stream, walking trail

There is a small off leash dog area along the trail. During the early morning and in the late evening migrating birds can be seen along the small stream.

Montgomery Park

Park Location: 901 North Royal Street  (map) 

Park Area: 2.01 Acres

IconTennis  IconPark Shelter  IconPlaygroundsmall  IconDog Run  IconParking 

Park Features: Fenced dog run, four lighted tennis courts, parking, picnic tables, playground, shelter, and water fountain

Montgomery Park has been adopted by the Old Town North Community Association.

Mount Jefferson Park & Greenway

Park Location: 300 Block between Hume Avenue and East Raymond Ave (map

Park Area: 6.9 Acres

 IconPlaygroundsmall  IconDog Run   IconHiking

Park Features: Unfenced dog area, playground, & trail 

Mount Vernon Field 

Park Location: 2600 Mount Vernon Avenue  (map) 

Park Area: 1.58 acres

IconAthleticFields  IconTennis 

Park Features: Athletic fields and tennis court

Playgrounds are also located at the adjacent Mount Vernon School site.

Old Town Pool

Park Location: 1609 Cameron Street  (map) 

Park Area: 2.71 acres (0.48 acres Facility Area)

IconBasketball  IconParking  IconPicnic Bench  IconSwimming

Park Features: Basketball court, parking, picnic area, and swimming pool with handicap accessible wading pool

The Old Town Pool is adjacent to the Durant Recreation Center to the east and Buchanan Park to the north. The adult pool is 25 meters. A handicap accessible wading pool with a 900 square foot area is also on site. There is a bath house on the Cameron Street side of the pool.

For more information on Pool hours, 

Nannie J. Lee Center

Park Location: 1108 Jefferson Street  (map) 

Park Area: 14.6

IconAthleticFields  IconBasketball  IconPlayground  IconTennis  IconVolleyball 

Park Features: Athletic fields, basketball court, playground, recreation center, tennis courts, and volleyball court

The multi-purpose fields, primarily used for soccer, football, and little league softball/baseball, are located on the north side of the building. South of the building are two lighted tennis courts, basketball courts, a volleyball court, and a mini-playground with sitting area.

The "Nannie J. Lee" recreation center is located at east wing of the building. The center is named for the late Nannie J. Lee, a community activist who was instrumental in the development of recreational activities for the children in the southwest area of Alexandria. She was also a key advocate and supporter towards the building and establishing of the recreation center.

Old Cameron Run Channel Park

Park Location: 2251 Mill Road  (map) 

Park Area: 2.83 acres


Park Features: A nature area with stream

Oronoco Bay Park

Park Location: 100 Madison Street  (map) 

Park Area: 5.08 acres

IconPerformance Space  IconParking  IconPicnic Bench  IconRunning 

Park Features: Event space, parking, picnic areas, and walking/biking/jogging trails

Each park entry is noted for its shrub and flower bed display. Oronoco Park has many festivals and is often rented for events.

Information on facilities and picnic area rentals. 

Patrick Henry Field

Park Location: 4643 Taney Avenue  (map) 

Park Area: 11.56 acres

IconAthleticFields  IconTennis  IconWooded 

Park Features: Athletic fields, tennis courts, wooded area

This park is adjacent to the Patrick Henry Recreation Center and School which has playgrounds on site.

Pendleton Park

Park Location: 1333 Pendleton Street  (map) 

Park Area: 0.38 acres

Iconpassive wooded 

Park Features: A small passive park with a shaded sitting area

Pendleton Park has been adopted by the West Old Town Civic Association.

Point Lumley

Park Location: 1 Duke Street

Park Area: 0.38 acres


Park Features: Riverfront seating area  

Portner Park

Park Location: 1350 Portner Road  

Park Area: 0.25 acres


Park Features: Natural, passive area

Potomac Greens Park

Park Location: 700 Carpenter Road  (map) 

Park Area: 18.47 acres

IconPlayground  IconBench  IconHiking 

Park Features: Playground, seating area, wooded area with trails

The playground and park shelter are located on Carpenter Street.   

Potomac Yard Park

Park Location: 2501 Potomac Avenue ( map)

Park Area: 23.4 acres

IconHandicap  IconAthleticFields  IconBasketball  IconPerformance Space  IconTennis  IconVolleyball  IconPicnic Bench  IconPlayground  Icon_Biking  IconLake  IconBench 

Park Features: ADA accessible picnic tables and pathways, special events area with outdoor stage, athletic fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, picnic area, interactive fountain, ADA playground, stormwater management ponds, and walking/bicycle trails, passive seating areas and historical interpretation.

Interactive Fountain 
The Potomac Yard Park Interactive Fountain, located between the two playgrounds, features thirty-six water jets, including twelve laminar jets which shoot a stream of water between two troughs and lighting at the jets for nighttime effects. The fountain offers three programmable sequences, and sensors control the water jet height based on the wind speed in the area adjusting the jets accordingly. For added public safety, the fountain features a secondary ultraviolet water treatment system. The fountain supports the City's Eco-City Initiative by treating and recycling water resulting in reduced water use.

  • Hours of Operation: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily (Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend) and 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (following Labor Day through approximately mid-October)
  • Fountain Rules:
    • No lifeguard on Duty. Adult supervision is required at all times for children age 12 and under.
    • No pets or animals are allowed in the fountain area.
    • No skateboards, roller blades, or bikes are allowed in the fountain.
    • No beach furniture or water toys are allowed in the fountain area.
    • No food, drink, or glass containers are allowed in the fountain area.
    • Do not allow trash, human waste, or blood to enter the fountain.
    • Do not drink the water.
    • Appropriate swimwear must be worn at all times. Shoes/non-slip water shoes must be worn at all times.
    • Children not toilet trained must wear swim diapers.
    • Any person having an obvious skin disease, nasal or ear discharge, inflamed eye, or any communicable disease with symptoms of diarrhea or vomiting shall be excluded from the facility.
    • Do not climb on the fountain equipment.
    • Emergencies: Call 911 

The Alexandria City Council dedicated the first phase of this regional park located in Potomac Yard on December 14, 2013. The park was designed and constructed through a public-private partnership with Pulte Homes.

Powhatan Park

Park Location: 1010 Douglas Street  (map) 

Park Area: 1.47 acres

IconTennis  IconBasketball  IconPlaygroundsmall 

Park Features: Basketball court, playground, and tennis court

Powhatan Park has been adopted by the Northeast Citizens' Association.  

President Gerald R. Ford Park

Park Location: 1426 Janneys Lane and 1422 Janneys Lane  (map) 

Park Area: 1.13 acres


Park Features: Open lawn and seating areas

Rivergate City Park

Park Location: 2 Montgomery Street  (map) 

Park Area: 2.84 acres

IconLake  IconPicnic Bench  IconVolleyball 

Park Features: Riverfront sitting, picnic areas, and volleyball

The majority of Rivergate Park is owned by the Rivergate Owners Association with permanent public access to the waterfront park area. This park is part of a system of linear parks along Alexandria's waterfront.

Roberdeau Park

Park Location: 1 Wolfe Street  (map) 

Park Area: 0.23 acres


Park Features: Riverfront sitting area.

Roberdeau park is part of a system of linear parks along Alexandria's waterfront.

Robert Leider Park

Park Location: 3002 Valley Drive  (map) 

Park Area: 1.3 acres

Iconpassive wooded  IconHiking

Park Features: Nature area with trail

Robert Leider Park has been adopted by Troop 129 & 113 Boy Scouts of America.

Ruby Tucker Park

Park Location: 3500 Richmond Highway  (map) 

Park Area: 0.31 acres

IconBench     IconHorseshoe 

Park Features: Benches and horseshoe pit

Park users must bring horseshoes to use the horseshoe pit.

Ruby Tucker Park is maintained by The Preston Condominium.

Rynex Nature Area

Park Location: 1500 N. Chambliss Street  (map) 

Park Area: 9.32 acres


Park Features: Heavily wooded nature area

Prior to the Civil War, the area in which Rynex Park and Dora Kelley Park now reside was called Lebanon, named after the Lebanon Union Church previously on site. The church was burned to the ground in retaliation for the Union Army's loses at the Battle of Bull Run. Today, the cemetery, which is maintained by the Parks Division, is all that remains of where the Lebanon Union church once stood.