Alexandria Parks Listing (I-L)

Information on Park listings I-L pertaining to what each park offers in amenities.

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Interior Park

Park Location: 1321 Oronoco Street  (map) 

Park Area: 0.39 acres


Park Features: A small passive park with a sitting area.

Interior Park has been adopted by the West Old Town Civic Association. 

James Mulligan Park

Park Location: 3300 28th Street  (map) 

Park Area: 3.55 acres

Iconpassive wooded  IconPicnic Bench  IconPlaygroundsmall 

Park Features: Natural wooded area, picnic area, and playground

This park is named for James Mulligan, a Community Activist as well as the former Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Commission.

James K. Polk Field

Park Location: 5000 Polk Avenue (map)

Park Area: 8.44 acres

  IconAthleticFields  IconBasketball  IconPlaygroundsmall 

Park Features: Athletic fields, basketball courts, and playgrounds

This facility is located on the Polk School grounds. The soccer fields are used by the school's gym classes during the day and Alexandria Soccer Association during the evenings and weekends. The little league baseball field is used by the school in the same manner with the exception that Bishop Ireton and the Youth Sports Division use the little league baseball field.

Jefferson Houston Elementary School Park

Park Location: 1501 Cameron Street  (map) 

Park Area: 8.44

IconBasketball  IconPlaygroundsmall  IconAthleticFields 

Park Features: Basketball court, playground, open field

The school is dedicated to Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States, and Charles Hamilton Houston, lawyer and humanitarian, who was a pioneer in the movement to integrate the District of Columbia Public Schools. This school serves pre-school through grade five. The Headstart program is also located on campus.  

John Adams Park

Park Location: 5651 Rayburn Avenue  (map) 

Park Area: 1.54 acres

IconAthleticFields  IconBasketball  IconPlaygroundsmall 

Park Features: Athletic fields, basketball court, and playground

The Little League field is on the south side and is used by the school gym classes during the school year. The Department's Youth Sports League uses the facility evenings during the baseball season.

The adjacent Recreation Center is open after school and has a full basketball court. The Center also has volleyball leagues and is adjoined to the gym with ping pong and pool tables.

John Carlyle Square

Park Location: 300 John Carlyle Street and 1901 Jamieson Avenue  (map) 

Park Area: 1.19 acres

IconPerformance Space  IconBench 

Park Features: Event space, open lawn, and seating

This publicly accessible site is owned and maintained by the Carlyle Community Council.  

Jones Point Park

Park Location: 1 Jones Point Drive  (map) 

Jones Point Park is owned and maintained by the National Park Service. For more information, visit the Jones Point Park website or contact the George Washington Memorial Parkway Headquarters.

  • George Washington Memorial Parkway
    Parkway Headquarters - Turkey Run Park
    McLean, VA 22101
  • Jones Point Park Recreation Plan
    The George Washington Memorial Parkway (GWMP), part of the national park system, invites you to help chart the future of Jones Point Park. For additional information and to participate, visit the Jones Point Park Recreation Plan website or contact Joshua Nadas at 703.419.6424

Joseph Hensley Park

Park Location: 4200 Eisenhower Avenue  (map) 

Park Area: 21.66 acres

IconAthleticFields  IconRestrooms  IconParking  IconPicnic Bench  IconPark Shelter  IconBBQ 

Park Features: Softball fields, soccer field, restrooms, on-site parking, picnic area, park shelter with grill

This facility is used by the Adult Sports Leagues, Bishop Ireton Varsity and Junior Varsity Softball Teams, Alexandria Soccer Assocation, and Lacrosse practice.

The Park is named for the late Joseph Hensley former Director of the Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities who was instrumental in the development of this facility.

Click here for information on ballfield rentals.  Click here for information on facility and picnic area rentals. 

Judy Lowe Neighborhood Park 

Park Location: 1 & 7 East Del Ray Avenue (map) 

Park Area: 0.37 acres

 IconPlaygroundsmall  IconBench

Park Features: Playground and seating. 

This site was acquired by the City through the open space program in 2009. Formerly 1 & 7 E. Del Ray Ave. Park, City Council approved the renaming of this park to the Judy Lowe Neighborhood Park on May 16, 2015.

King Street Park

Park Location: 1 King Street  (map) 

Park Area: 0.16 acres


Park Features: Riverfront Seating  

King Street Gardens Park

Park Location: 1806 King Street  (map) 

Park Area: 0.38 acres

IconBench  IconFarmers Market 

Park Features: Architectural design, farmers market, flower beds, plantings, and sitting areas

The park is designed around a large metal sculpture with hanging plants. The design is intended to evoke a ship's prow, a plow, and a tri-cornered hat.  The hanging garden suggests the Victorian era trellised gardens that once existed in Old Town and represents the street grid originally laid out by George Washington.

For additional information, visit the King Street Gardens Park Foundation's website at To learn more about the weekly farmer's market go to: 

Landover Park

Park Location: 3301 Landover Street  (map) 

Park Area: 0.80 acres

IconPlaygroundsmall  IconPark Shelter  IconBench   

Park Features: Open play area, playground, park shelter, and sitting area

Landover Park has been adopted by the Warwick Village Citizens' Association.

LeBosquet at Sunnyside

Park Location: 615 West Glebe Road  (map) 

Park Area: 0.37 acres


Park Features: Seating and a walkway

This neighborhood is named after Maurice Le Bosquet, the father of Mrs. Joan Rhodes, who donated the final parcel of land needed to complete the park in 1990.

Lenny Harris Memorial Fields at Braddock Park

Park Location: 1005 Mount Vernon Avenue  (map)  

Park Area: 7.09 acres - Braddock Field / 2.61 George Washington Fields

IconAthleticFields    IconWalking

Park Features: Athletic fields

The park consists of a baseball field, softball field and football field used for practice by a variety of youth sport organizations. The open space is used for community special events and is open for public use.

Luckett Field

Park Location: 3540 Wheeler Avenue  (map) 

Park Area: 3.31 acres


Park Usage: Athletic fields
Luckett Field is used by many leagues and groups such as Adult Sports Mens and Coed Softball Teams, the Thorton School, and Bishop Ireton J.V. Baseball Team.

Lyles-Crouch School

Park Location: 530 South Saint Asaph Street  (map) 

Park Area: 1.39 acres

IconAthleticFields  IconPlaygroundsmall 

Park features: Small ballfield and playground

The school was built in 1958 and named for Mr. Rozier Lyles and Mrs. Carrie Crouch, former school teachers.

Lynhaven Gateway Park

Park Location: 101 Lynhaven Drive  (map) 

Park Area: 0.12 acres


Park Features: Walking path and seating

Lynhaven Gateway Park has been adopted by the Lynhaven Civic Association.  

Lynhaven Park

Park Location: 5 East Reed Avenue  (map) 

Park Area: 0.25 acres

IconPlaygroundsmall  IconBench 

Park Features: Playground and sitting area

Lynhaven Park has been adopted by the Lynhaven Civic Association.