Park Planning & Capital Projects

The Park Planning, Capital Development & Waterfront Division is committed to relating the park and recreational needs of Alexandria's residents to long range planning and future projects. The Division provides overall direction for park planning and planning is accomplished through collaboration with the community, City commissions and City agencies.

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Park Planning and Capital Projects 

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Current Projects 

Open Space Planning

Open Space Planning establishes a framework to address the City’s short and long term open space needs by acknowledging and protecting the City’s existing open spaces and identifying additional open space opportunities for the future preservation and aquisition.

PARKnership/Community Matching Fund 


Park Naming Policy

The purpose of the policy is to ensure a consistent approach for the official naming and renaming of City public parks, recreation areas and facilities. The policy was adopted by Alexandria City Council on September 10, 2019 (Item 35: 19-2378).

City of Alexandria Naming and Renaming Policies and Procedures Public Parks and Recreation Areas & Facilities