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The Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities' Horticulture and Natural Resources Section surveyed the vascular flora of Alexandria from 2002 - 2009.  In addition, the team searched herbaria for historical collections that reflected taxa native to the City.  These surveys and collections yielded more than 800 native vascular plants representing 366 genera and 128 families.  Currently available is the Flora Project in pdf form, a graphic presentation called "Vanishing Flora of Washington and Vicinity" which introduces the Flora Project, and a map of Alexandria's surficial geology.  Check back for an upcoming searchable database of flora found in Alexandria.

City of Alexandria Natural Resource Specialist/Plant Ecologist Rod Simmons and old-age Sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua) at Alexandria National Cemetery.
Flora Tony Fleming Surveying Alexandria Geology and Soils 
Geologist Tony Fleming surveying bedrock outcrops for the Alexandria Geologic Atlas.
Field Thistle 
Field Thistle (Cirsium discolor) and Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. Photo by R.H. Simmons.

City of Alexandria Flora & Natural Communities

Vegetation Ecologists Gary Fleming and Karen Patterson, of Virginia DCR Natural Heritage Program, measuring ancient American Beech (Fagus grandifolia).
  Flora ARMN Riverbend - Mark Strong and Carex albicans 
Smithsonian botanist Mark Strong examining Scarlet Ammannia (Ammannia coccinea) at the Alexandria Reservoir.

  Greg Zell_2 
Arlington County Natural Resource Specialist Greg Zell assisting with inventory of old-age Oak-Heath Forest.
Flora Rob Soreng
Smithsonian Botanist and Grass Specialist Rob Soreng.
Flora Alan Whittemoore 

USDA Research Botanist Alan Whittemore.

Tony Reznicek

Cyperaceae specialist Tony Reznicek with the University of Michigan Herbarium.


Hugh McAllister

Botanist Hugh McAllister with the Ness Botanic Gardens at the
University of Liverpool, UK. 

Jim Montgomery

Fern specialists Jim Montgomery (left) and Carl Taylor (right)
examining Alexandria and vicinity ferns at the DC Herbarium (US)
of the Smithsonian Institution.

John Townsend  Chris Frye  John Parrish  Brent Steury 

State Botanist John Townsend, with Virginia DCR Natural Heritage Program, surveying flora.




Maryland State Botanist Chris Frye examining
sedge (Carex spp.) specimens.



Botanist John Parrish studying Hawthorn
species (Crataegus spp.) in Alexandria.



Brent Steury, Natural Resources Program Manager with the National Park Service, documenting crabapple species (Malus spp.)
along the GWMP in Alexandria.