Ad Hoc Fort Ward Park and Museum Area Management Plan Implementation Monitoring Group

The City of Alexandria's Ad Hoc Fort Ward Park and Museum Area Stakeholder Advisory Group will advise City staff on Fort Ward Park and Museum use and management. The ten members of the group were appointed by the City Manager in October 2009 based on their commitment to a balanced, multi-use park and historic site in the City, and are representative of the diversity of interests and uses of the park and museum site.

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In May 2015 City Council passed a resolution to establish an Ad Hoc Fort Ward Management Plan Implementation Monitoring Group (Monitoring Group).  The Monitoring Group met from September 2015 to July 2017.  City Staff will continue community engagement and encourages input with the Management Plan as well as the Fort Ward Museum & Historic Site Interpretive Planning project.  Please visit the Historic Alexandria web page here for more information regarding the Fort Ward Interpretive Plan Committee.

City Contact Information 

  • Bob WIlliams, Division Chief – Park Operations, Dept. of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities
    703.746.4688 (O)

Fort Ward Park & Museum Area Management Plan

Fort Ward Park Implementation Monitoring Group Meeting Information

Management Plan Implementation Activity & Public Notice

  • Picnic Furniture & ADA Improvements to begin week of June 13, 2016 - June 9, 2016
    The Department of Recreation, Parks & Cultural Activities will begin replacement of picnic furniture and the installation of other ADA enhancements consistent with the Fort Ward Park & Museum Area Management Plan recommendations. Picnic areas and other park amenities will remain usable throughout the improvement activities. Weather permitting, improvement activities will be completed during the week of July 4, 2016. For additional information, contact Chris Watson, Park Manager, at
  • Stump Removal to begin Week of January 25, 2016 - January 14, 2016
    Tree pruning and removal work began at the Park in late December. As this work continues, we will begin to grind the stumps left from these maintenance activities, as well as other stumps that remain from trees lost during previous snow and other severe weather events. Stump grinding activities will be governed by the Fort Ward Park and Museum Area Management Plan, which identifies areas where minimal ground disturbing activities, including stump grinding  is permitted, and approved by the Office of Historic Alexandria. Where required, OHA archaeological staff will be onsite to observe the stump grinding operations. Approximately one hundred stumps from current and previous tree removal operations  have been identified. Stumps located in sensitive historical and archaeological sites will be left in place. The work will proceed as weather and ground conditions permit.
  • Tree Maintenance Work to begin in Fort Ward Park and Museum Area week of December 26 - December 15, 2015
    The City of Alexandria will begin the seasonal tree maintenance in Fort Ward Park and Museum Area beginning the week of December 26, 2015 and will continue through January 2016 subject to the weather conditions. The work includes structural and deadwood pruning of fifty-two trees, removal of forty-two dead or diseased trees throughout the park and grinding of remaining tree stumps. 

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