Environmental Sustainability Management System (ESMS)

An environmental and sustainability management system is a set of management processes and procedures that allows an organization to analyze, control and reduce the environmental impact of its activities, products and services, and operate with a greater efficiency and control.

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The Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities (RPCA) is committed to the sound management of environmental, historical, and cultural resources at every level throughout its scope and operations.  The preservation, stewardship, and sustainability of City's parks, open spaces, and natural resources are central to RPCA’s mission and important goals of its operations and environmental management practices. As part of the “Eco-City Alexandria” initiative, and consistent with its mission, RPCA developed an “Environmental Sustainability Management System (ESMS)” in full compliance with the DEQ E3 VEEP certification for operating a business in a way to minimize its impact on the environment and promote environmental safety. 

The development and implementation of the ESMS Program is part of RPCA’s Three-Year Business Plan.  A written Environmental Policy has been adopted by RPCA as part of implementing the ESMS initiative.  RPCA is developing Standards Operating Procedures to implement key aspects of this initiative.  Full compliance for ISO 14001 is anticipated by summer of 2017.

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Environmental Recognition

At the Alexandria City Council’s Jan. 12 meeting, its first of 2016, the Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities Department was recognized for its E-3 certification from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.  An E-3 ranking recognizes facilities with fully-implemented environmental management system, pollution prevention programs and demonstrated environmental performance.  “The city and this department do a phenomenal job, and we want the city to be recognized as an environmental leader,” said Thomas Faha, regional director for the Department of Environmental Quality.  “[This department] is a leading example of going well above and beyond the minimum requirements.”   

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