Officials and Inmates Celebrate 29th Anniversary of Sober Living Unit

The Sheriff’s Office, the Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS) and the Community Services Board (CSB) hosted the 29th anniversary celebration of the Sober Living Unit at the William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center on the evening of Thursday, December 7.

Page updated on Dec 15, 2017 at 4:13 PM

2017 Sober Living Unit ArtworkSheriff Dana Lawhorne and Carol Layer of DCHS joined Jon Teumer, the jail’s Mental Health coordinator, in welcoming guests to the celebration. Police Chief Michael L. Brown also spoke and congratulated the inmates in the Sober Living Unit, the jail’s substance abuse treatment program, on committing themselves to making a positive change.

Then the inmates shared original poetry and gave short performances that explored their journeys to sobriety and expressed their appreciation for the Sober Living Unit. They also shared their thanks with members of the Mental Health Team who provide therapeutic and other services to aid in their recovery.

A number of former Sober Living Unit members also returned to the jail to encourage the inmates to remain strong in their battle against substance abuse.

Sober Living Unit Philosophy

We came to this unit
Like a group of lost souls.
We know only hurt, pain and life without goals.
We’ve suffered through trials, tribulations and such
And only misery to ourselves
And our families who loved us so much.
We have but one chance to give up the past
The life of drinking and drugging
A life we know that can't possibly last.

We came here alone, feelings of guilt and of pain
Were told that no longer we need carry
All of that shame
Now we know how to make it as one
And never go back to life with a gun
Now that we're here with all our new brothers
It's time to learn to live with and care for one another

So remember this thought before you pick up
How does it feel deep down in your gut
It will not be easy and all won't be well
It's our life to live however we choose
For it can only get better
If only we don't use.