Coloring with Our Community

Deputies are providing coloring books to participating families in Alexandria and inviting children to color with them and watch a fun and informative video connected to the coloring.

Page updated on May 18, 2020 at 7:48 AM

Kids at home can have fun and learn about safety and civics with the Sheriff’s Office’s new program, Coloring with Our Community.

ASO Coloring with Our Community

The Sheriff’s Office is distributing a series of coloring books, each with a different theme, such as bike safety and keeping our environment clean. Then every other Tuesday, beginning on May 19, deputies will appear in a Facebook video discussing that topic and coloring a selected page from that coloring book. The coloring books include fun and educational activities like puzzles and word games, and deputies will highlight key points from the assigned coloring book.

The deadline to sign up was Sunday, May 17, so deputies could distribute coloring books on Monday, May 18.

Following is the schedule for Coloring with Our Community:

May 19 – American Heroes Coloring Book
A deputy who served in the military will talk about their military career, what duties they performed and what they liked best about it.

June 2 – Practice Bike Safety Coloring Book
Deputies will discuss bicycle safety equipment, proper ways to ride a bike, traffic laws and street signs, how to cross the street and how to alert cars that you are turning or stopping.

June 16 – Your Sheriff is Your Friend Coloring Book
Meet Sheriff Dana Lawhorne and then Sergeant Valarie Wright and Deputy Morgan Garner will go over the roles of the Sheriff’s Office and how deputies assist the community.

June 30 – Keep Our Environment Clean Coloring Book
A deputy will talk about ways that they reduce their carbon footprint and then share simple ways that kids can make a difference in their homes.

July 14 – After School Safety Coloring Book
Deputies will discuss basic but important safety information like knowing the difference between 911 and non-emergency phone numbers, rules for walking to and from school, and what to do and not do when home alone.

After each activity, parents are invited to take a photo of their children’s page and post it to the video comments.

Two bonus coloring and activity books on addition and subtraction will be included for children to complete on their own. Coloring books are free, but distribution is limited to those who reside in the City.

Have questions? Please contact Deputy Morgan Garner at 703.746.5130 or