Three Deputies Honored at 2020 Valor Awards

The Alexandria Chamber of Commerce held its annual Public Safety Valor Awards with an in-person ceremony for honorees only that was livestreamed to the public. Three deputies received life-saving awards for their actions that prevented two people from serious self-harm.

Page updated on Aug 27, 2020 at 2:09 PM

2020 ASO Valor Award Honorees

2020 Valor Awards Sheriff HonoreesDeputy Jason Bebow, Deputy Devon Neckles and Deputy Julio Ocasio received life-saving awards during the August 27 ceremony. Sheriff Dana Lawhorne attended the awards program where the three deputies as well as police officers, firefighters, medics and 911 call takers were recognized. This year the Chamber also recognized the health and medical workers who have been on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

Deputy Neckles was honored with Officer Shakita Warren for their response to a call to check on the welfare of a man who had not shown up at work. Deputy Neckles, who was serving civil process, was nearby and responded with Officer Warren arriving soon after him. Both used their crisis intervention training (CIT) skills to successfully engage the man who admitted his plans for suicide. He told them that had they arrived even a short time later, they would have found his body. Working as a team, Deputy Neckles and Officer Warren kept the man safe, secured the weapons he had in his home, and ensured that he would receive mental health services.

Deputy Bebow and Deputy Ocasio were honored for rescuing of an inmate who had attempted suicide at the jail. Deputy Bebow and Deputy Ocasio were walking down a hall to assist with other inmates returning from court and both took care to look through the cell windows as they passed. Deputy Bebow, with Deputy Ocasio just behind him, was passing by a cell when he noticed that an inmate had strips of a torn wool blanket wrapped around his neck. Both deputies immediately entered the cell and removed the tightly wrapped blanket pieces from the inmate’s neck. They called for medical assistance and immediately began to provide aid. Fortunately, because of their vigilance and quick response, the man was not seriously hurt and was able to receive mental health treatment.

The Sheriff’s Office thanks the Chamber and the Valor Awards sponsors for recognizing the outstanding work of Alexandria’s public safety workers. Read about all the honorees in the program available online.