Sheriff’s Office Congratulates its Annual Employee Award Honorees

The Sheriff’s Office celebrates its employees each year with a ceremony and the presentation of awards for those staff members who have distinguished themselves during the previous year.

Page updated on Sep 28, 2020 at 11:20 AM

This year, in the interest of the health of our staff, the Office will not be holding a traditional ceremony but will be recognizing honorees at their teams’ respective roll calls.

Sheriff’s Office employees submitted nominations for colleagues for specific honors and professional achievements. Then employees voted for the nominees they believed were most deserving.

Congratulations to the following honorees:

Outstanding Performance Sworn Supervisor: Lieutenant Treska Lytle
In addition to performing her regular but demanding duties exceptionally well, then-Sergeant Lytle also successfully coordinated several projects for Support Services in advance of the ACA audit. A true leader, she anticipates challenges, identifies ways to save the Office money, readily assists her colleagues, and always looks out for her staff. She was later promoted to Lieutenant and continues to succeed in her new position.

Outstanding Performance Civilian Supervisor: Program Manager Gloria Wright
Ms. Wright continues to exemplify the positive qualities of a leader through her hard work, professionalism, strong ethical standards, and teamwork, while still being committed to delivering quality programs and services to inmates. She advocates for inmates and embraces quality programs, including the writing contest, multiple book clubs, Hispanic heritage outreach, highway flaggers education, and engaging entertainment. Working with her colleagues and community partners, she ensures that programs address recidivism, employment, education, and positive social and familial relationships.

Outstanding Performance Sworn Line Staff: Deputy Timothy Wauhop
An extremely qualified Transportation Deputy, Deputy Wauhop also assists the Warrant Squad, Courthouse, Civil Process, Detention Center and Training Unit. He is a member of SERT, CIT and the Motors Unit, an EVOC and Firearms Instructor, and also a Field Training Deputy in law enforcement, teaching new academy graduates about patrol and transportation duties. Deputy Wauhop further distinguished himself by becoming a Motorcycle Instructor, the first ASO deputy to do so.

Outstanding Performance Civilian Line Staff: Account Clerk Allison Gerst
Ms. Gerst is consistently highly efficient and accurate in her regular work and she also readily assists others who need her assistance. Whether ordering necessary supplies and services or handling complex and money-saving reports, she is friendly and flexible. While not part of her official duties, Ms. Gerst also expertly extracts and interprets data from the Alexandria Justice Information System database, providing valuable assistance to her colleagues.

Unit Spirit: Security Team 2A
With a variety of experience on all four Security teams and in Judicial Services, deputies on Team 2A have found their team to be the most cohesive and best functioning unit they have worked on, with a sense of camaraderie and feeling of family they had not experienced before. Members of 2A believe their team comes together during difficult times and personal challenges, and they always watch out for each other, ensuring safety and efficiency. In one unusual situation, they were without a Lieutenant for several months, but thanks to their sergeants and veterans, they successfully pulled together and continued their tradition of excellence.

Esprit De Corps: Lieutenant Larry Richardson
Known for his professionalism, leadership and enthusiasm, Lieutenant Richardson sets an exceptional example that resonates with his staff and benefits the entire courthouse community. He greets staff and visitors with enthusiasm and respect. Lieutenant Richardson regularly engages with team members throughout the day, checking in with them but also assisting them in covering duties at the screening post and in the courtroom. He encourages camaraderie among the staff and is authentic in expressing his appreciation for their work and their professional goals.

Best New Employee (Sworn): Deputy Zackary Trad
Since joining the Office in 2016, Deputy Trad has held successful assignments in Security and Judicial Services. Officially part of the Civil Process, Deputy Trad routinely offers assistance at the courthouse, covering courtrooms, conducting perimeter checks, transporting inmates and giving his colleagues breaks. He can efficiently handle his civil process duties and he exhibits an outstanding work ethic, positive attitude and professionalism, which reflects extremely well on the Office.

Best New Employee (Civilian): Classification Counselor Collin O’Bryan
Since joining the Office in 2017, Mr. O’Bryan has efficiently and effectively managed his housing units and worked exceptionally well with all staff as well as with his assigned inmates. Beyond that, he has brought new ideas, facilitated new programs, organized a re-entry program for job preparedness, taken on extra duties and adjusted his schedule to ensure his section has sufficient coverage. A “go-to” employee, Mr. O’Bryan is an asset to his team and the Office.

Lifesaving: Deputy Jason Bebow and Deputy Julio Ocasio
Last fall, Deputy Bebow and Deputy Ocasio were walking down a hall to check inmates returning from court and as they walked, they took care to look through the cell windows as they passed. Deputy Bebow, with Deputy Ocasio just behind him, was passing by a cell when he noticed that an inmate had strips of a torn wool blanket wrapped around his neck. Both deputies immediately entered the cell and removed the tightly wrapped blanket pieces from the inmate’s neck. They called for medical assistance and began to provide aid. Because of their vigilance and quick response, the inmate was not seriously injured.

Master Deputy of the Year: Master Deputy Cinie Bearden
An outstanding example of professionalism and leadership, Master Deputy Bearden uses her extensive experience and knowledge to benefit the Office and her team. Her colleagues appreciate her exceptional job performance and dedication, her warm and cheerful attitude, and her ability to resolve conflicts and handle difficult situations with patience and tact. She serves as a Field Training Deputy, assists new and veteran colleagues in booking and other areas, and ably manages additional and new responsibilities, particularly as an acting supervisor.

Shining Star: Deputy Angela Speight
In addition to her excellent performance of her regular duties, Deputy Speight is committed to public service beyond the detention center and welcomes opportunities to give back to the community. She has participated in several community outreach programs and events including National Night Out, Drug Take Back, Friends-Giving, giveaway efforts at rec centers, and school and scouting activities, and she looks forward to more ways to be engaged and involved with the community she proudly serves.

Outstanding Contributions by an Employee of a City Agency or Organization or Contractor: Education Coordinator Krista Sofonia
An engaging and inspirational teacher, Ms. Sofonia encourages inmates to pursue their educational goals, and she effectively connects with and empowers all, even those who have lost faith in themselves. She is eager to try new initiatives and successfully launched a new book club for inmates. She is also a true team player, mentoring interns and working with Inmate Programs staff on Operation Elf and other efforts outside her official duties.

Photo: (left to right) top row: Lieutenant Treska Lytle, Program Manager Gloria Wright, Deputy Timothy Wauhop, Account Clerk Allison Gerst; middle row: Lieutenant Larry Richardson, Deputy Zackary Trad, Inmate Classification Counselor Collin O’Bryan, Deputy Jason Bebow; bottom: Deputy Julio Ocasio, Master Deputy Cinie Bearden, Deputy Angela Speight.

2020 ASO Employee Award Honorees