Sheriff’s Office Staff Provide Voter Information to Interested Inmates

Inmate Services staff at the Alexandria Adult Detention Center have been assisting inmates who are interested in voting.

Page updated on Oct 27, 2020 at 3:03 PM

Voter Forms GraphicAt the beginning of the summer, representatives from Spread the Vote provided information about voter registration and absentee voting to the Sheriff’s Office so that Inmate Services staff could share it with interested inmates.

Since then, staff posted information in housing units and made multiple announcements to inmates, telling those who were interested to let their Classification Counselor know. Several inmates indicated they wanted to register to vote and/or to vote by mail.

As of October 24, Classification Counselors had provided voter information and applications to 12 inmates from five states and the District of Columbia. These included applications to register to vote, applications to vote by mail, and in some cases, both. At least three inmates have submitted ballots by mail.

Sheriff’s Office staff does not determine voter eligibility; state boards of elections make that determination.

Prior to visitation restrictions due to COVID-19, Spread the Vote had participated in resource fairs for inmates, providing information about voting rights and registration directly to interested inmates.